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Copper is a GUI tool to aid developpers using Oracle or MySQL. It presents sql query results in a table. You can select/update/insert etc. Copper supports single click updates, syntax highlighting and lets you browse your tables and columns.



Related Projects


CopperAuthor is a both a core for and implementation of an IMS-LD Editor/Designer.


CopperCore, a J2EE runtime engine for IMS Learning Design which can be used to incorporate IMS Learning Design in your own application(s).

Learning Design Player

A servlet based Learning Design Player for use in conjunction with the CopperCore Learning Design Engine to display and run IMS Learning Designs

Coppertwilight - A MU* Frame Work written in Python

Copper TwilightCopper Twilight is a MUD/MOO/MUSH frame work that provides game administrators with a solid base in which to build their game content. As this is a frame work, there will be no 'world' code such as combat and magic. Copper Twilight is written in Python.


CopperCore Service Integration (CCSI) is a framework that integrates the CopperCore ( IMS Learning Design engine with other e-learning service specifications like IMS QTI.

Hera-corrosion - Copper corrosion model

Copper corrosion model. Minning Center Catholic University of Chile

Cnc-milling-machine - Complete Hardware and Software for a light duty CNC milling machine for PCBs

The CNC PCB Milling Machine project is the complete specifications for the software and hardware for a complete light duty Computer and Numerical Control (CNC) milling machine designed primarily to mill isolation traces in copper clad printed circuit board material. Additionally, it can handle milling of soft materials such as plastics and aluminum. This entire project is now open source. This includes the design of the physical machine itself (most of which I owe to many other excellent sources

Copper Twilight

A python based mud codebase currently in alpha stage. The main site for the project and the most up to date files can be found at

Flux3gui - Cornell Microgravity Project Team GUI

We are a team of undergraduate engineering students at Cornell University interested in spacecraft research. Specifically, we are exploring the field of magnetic flux pinning, and its applications to spacecraft docking, manipulation, and in-orbit assembly. Flux pinning is a physical phenomenon that occurs when a magnetic field interacts with certain kinds of superconductors, causing the magnetic flux lines to be pinned inside the superconductor. When the superconductor is cooled below its materi