Coolstorage - ORM library for .NET

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The main strength of Vici CoolStorage is the ease of use. Most ORM tools still require a lot of unneeded code to accomplish basic data persistence tasks, but Vici CoolStorage is designed to relieve the programmer from these tedious and error-prone tasks, making it very intuitive to use.

  • Supports SQL Server 2000/2005, MySQL, SQLite, MS Access and VistaDB. Other custom providers can be added.
  • Full support for MonoTouch (using SQLite)
  • Session-less and context-free database access
  • Any existing relational data model can be mapped to CoolStorage objects with minimal effort
  • No code generator required. Mapping is done by creating simple classes.
  • All relation types are supported: One-To-Many, Many-To-One and Many-To-Many
  • Completely typed object model (no type casts required)
  • Dirty tracking on the column level. Only changed fields are persisted to the database
  • Full support for transactions, including ##TransactionScope##
  • Nullable columns can be mapped to nullable fields or to a default value
  • Delayed (lazy) loading of data to minimize database access. Configurable per field.
  • Selective or automatic prefetching of all relation types for improved query performance
  • Powerful and intuitive database-independent object query language
  • Flexible event mechanism to intercept any event
  • Identity (auto-increment) keys or sequences are supported for all database types
  • Support for server and client generated Guid keys
  • Objects can be mapped to different databases, even across object relations
  • Paging of object collections (at server level)
  • Extensive support for retrieving aggregate values on collections (count, sum, average, ...)
  • Collections implement IBindingList so they can be used by controls (grids) as a data source
  • Underlying database engine uses optimized and parameterized SQL queries. SQL injection is impossible
  • Built specifically for .NET 2.0 and up, taking full advantage of generics and nullable types
  • Raw SQL and/or stored procedures can be called on the underlying database without the need for a separate database connection
  • Small footprint (less than 250 KB, including Vici Core)



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