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Cooker is a an easy to use build system similar in function to `Make`, using XML for project descriptions.



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BeanCooker automatically sets mock values to javabeans for tests / rapid prototyping purpose. The simplest usage will set all numeric values to 12345, all strings to quot;someStringquot; , floats to 123.123, but more advanced value generation are available.

Restaurantautomationsystem - automation of a restaurant

IMPORTANT READ BELOW FIRST In order to view the comments for the javadocs Menu and Table, you must visit: Google code is not showing the real javadocs even though I have tried uploading it countless times. Sorry for any inconvenience. IMPORTANT READ ABOVE FIRST The purpose of this system is to completely revamp the way small to medium-sized restaurants operate in order to increase efficiency. This will be done by using automation

Nokia-firmware-cooker - Tool for cooking firmware to Nokia 5800

Nokia Firmware CookerПрограмма дл� �оздани� модифицированных прошивок дл� Nokia 5800. Возможно также работает � 5530, 5230 и X6. Текуща� вер�и�: 0.6.220 Стату�: Beta Язык: C# Требовани�: .NET Framework 3.5. MS Windows XP-7 (x86). �а 64-битных �и�тем возможны глюки, пробуйте режим �овме�тимо�ти � XP, говор�т - помогает. �ад

Write-attack - Timed Writing Excercise program

Introduction Write-Attack is a timed writing program. You set a target word count and a time limit, and the countdown starts. If you don't meet your targets within the time limit, all your text is deleted. It's a writing motivational aid, a cure for writer's block and a creativity pressure cooker. Or maybe it turns the familiar welcome mat of the blank page into a paralyzing nightmare. It depends on who you are. (If you're one of the productive "i never have writer's block" in the latter categor

Urtconnector - Advanced UrbanTerror launcher program and server browser

Advanced UrbanTerror launcher program. What can UrTConnector do? Primary developed by Vladislav Navrocky (, =XaoC= and Loaded Arms Russian clans members. This program uses Qt4, written in C++ and can be run on windows, unix or mac. Our jabber-conference on the program is here . UrTConnector at forum. Screenshots of UrTConnector are here. HowTo about the launching game in second X server is here. Mac developer wanted! Work on portin

Stoker-web - Web application to interface with Stoker power draft system

OverviewStoker-web is a web application that allows the Stoker power draft system to be viewed and controlled from an external browser, this can be on the local network, wireless device or if properly setup from anywhere on the Internet. Stoker-web offers additional functionality over the Stokers own internal browser, these features include: temperature graphs, logging, PDF cook reports, email alerts, local weather information, added Security and more. Sample with digit display PDF Report Sample

artusi-cooker - The Artusi SSOUP Cooker

The Artusi SSOUP Cooker