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Convey is a real-time, online, multi-user collaboration tool which augments text, graphics, and symbols. Examples of graphics include shapes, mathematical expressions, diagrams, flow charts, and pictures.



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Pys60-progbar - progress bar using pys60

A progress bar is a component in a graphical user interface used to convey the progress of a task, such as a download or file transfer.Where this awesome component not available for pys60 developer.

Tightometer - Tightometer is a mobile application that can be used to visualize, convey, and even br

Tight -adjective: characterized by strong situational tension. angry; unfriendly; uncomfortable. Tightometer is a mobile application that can be used to visualize, convey, and even broadcast the "tightness" of a particular situation. When a user moves the Tightometer slider, the tightness level is sent to a server, where it is stored. Others can then view, in real time, the user's tightness level from another copy of the app, or via the web. Visit to learn more.

Moya-fps - Fleet Positioning System

Moya FPS is software designed to aid in three-dimensional fleet operations, positioning, and tactics. It allows the user to define key events and the positioning of components within those events in order to help convey and record a three-dimensional scenario. The software is designed to be platform independent with an emphasis on intelligent GUI use/design.

Lancelot-eclipse - A method name analyser for Eclipse.

IntroductionMeaningful method names are crucial for readable and maintainable Java code. A good method name precisely conveys intent, whereas an imprecise, sloppy or misleading name can cause anything from confusion and mild frustration to full havoc. Lancelot is an Eclipse plugin that identifies naming bugs: methods that significantly differ from the vast majority of methods with similar names. When possible, Lancelot also suggests better-fitting names for such ill-named methods. InstallationLa

hcovert - HTTP Payload Covert Channel

hcovert is a steganographic communications tool used to create a covert channel using a HTTP GET request to convey it's message to a webserver and webserver log parsing to retrieve the message. This tool will both send as well as recieve messages.

transit-format - A data interchange format.

Transit is a format and set of libraries for conveying values between applications written in different programming languages. This spec describes Transit in order to facilitate its implementation in a wide range of languages.

Skwos - The SkeLa Website Operating System

As you may have already noticed, if you ever wanted to build your own website, your pocket will barely survive untouched. When making your website, you can choose one of three options: You could use free scripts, which while simple to use leave copyright notices all over your website and take away from the professional image you are trying to convey. These scripts, while useful may also have bugs due to their untested nature in every situation. Added to this is the fact that you will never be ab

Python-avm-library - Python-AVM-Library

Python AVM LibraryThe Python AVM Library is a library for parsing, manipulating, and serializing Astronomy Visualization Metadata (AVM) in the XMP format. It is a light wrapper around the Python XMP Toolkit, simplifying the manipulation of AVM-specific fields. Python AVM Library is being developed by: ESA/Hubble - European Space Agency ESO - European Southern Observatory What is AVM?The astronomical education and public outreach (EPO) community plays a key role in conveying the results of scient

PaKnPosT Pro File Sharing Facility

PaKnPosT presents an alternative to email for sharing large files. It uses HTTP via Web browser to convey files, and text email to notify file recipients, with file type restriction, virus scanning, encryption, password protection and anti-spam measures developers site

Welcome to the sound share code repository website. This is the right place if you are interested to help to contribute to soundshare code or report a bug. This project uses the Affero GPL License , compatible with GPL v3 as point 13 shown: 13 Use with the GNU Affero General Public License. Notwithstanding any other provision of this License, you have permission to link or combine any covered work with a work licensed under version 3 of the GNU Affero General Public License into a single combine