Universal 3D models converter

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GOAL: to make converter between various 3D file formats with some object manipulation capabilities




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FileConv is a set of utility classes that allow java programmers to load/write 3d files of various formats to/from 3d applications and convert between various file formats so that people using different 3d applications can collaborate on the same project

2dx-records - CS beatmania IIDX Record Extractor

SummaryExtract CS beatmania IIDX records from a PSU file (a save file in a PS2 memory card), and write it as a document. The latest version is 0.30. It supports reading a PSU file from IIDX RED, HAPPY SKY, DistorteD and GOLD and writing the records as a HTML (with JavaScript) document. If you open the document with a browser supporting JavaScript, you can sort the records dynamically while viewing. Sample pages which are made by this application is here. System RequirementsJava Runtime Environme

Powerext - powerEXT Application Framework - Rich Internet For IBM Power System i

powerEXT Application FrameworkpowerEXT Application Framework is an Open Source based middleware and Application Framework, that enables IBM Power System i (IBM AS/400, IBM iSeries) users to embrace these new technologies by evoking the worlds most sofisticated WEB 2.0/RIA userinterface for enterprise systems - Ext JS. powerEXT Application Framework is GNU GPL v3 licensed. The download requires i5/OS V5R4M0 (or higher), WDS, SQL and powerEXT Core. For more information on version changes please go


A Conv3D implementation for Theano based on Conv2d, so that it works on GPU

C3D - C3D is a modified version of BVLC caffe to support 3D ConvNets.

C3D is a modified version of BVLC caffe to support 3D ConvNets.

matlab-conv3-CUDA - CUDA supported 3D convolution for Matlab

CUDA supported 3D convolution for Matlab