Convolutional Neural Networks

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C++ library that efficiently implements data propagation through convolutional neural networks.



Related Projects


Project moved to JFileConv is a text file encoding converter. It supports text-processing plugins and has a `preview' function which allows the user to see how a file is decoded with a particular charset.


Music CONVerter (MuConv) - GUI for the LAME (, OGG (, FAAC (, MPlayer ( for converting between most popular audio formats, volume normalizing, saving or automatically filling id3tags

ConvNetJS - Javascript implementation of Neural networks

ConvNetJS is a Javascript implementation of Neural networks, It currently supports Common Neural Network modules, Classification (SVM/Softmax) and Regression (L2) cost functions, A MagicNet class for fully automatic neural network learning (automatic hyperparameter search and cross-validatations), Ability to specify and train Convolutional Networks that process images, An experimental Reinforcement Learning module, based on Deep Q Learning.

pyNetConv - Network Conversion tool

Python library to convert networks from/to many different formats, like the ones used in Pajek, Cytoscape and other popular graph formats like GML. It also includes support to integrate experimental data to the netowork.

eyescream - natural image generation using ConvNets

natural image generation using ConvNets

Wikisync - Wiki Synchronization Tool

The goal of this project is to design and develop an automated web based tool that can be used to synchronize and/or migrate content from one Wiki implementation to another (e.g. between MediaWiki and JSPWiki). The tool will among others need to understand the different wiki formats, represent these formats in an unified object model and perform necessary conversions. It should also take advantage of any programmatic APIs exposed by the wiki servers to perform read and write operations. All conv

cvconvnet - Convolution neural network library, based off

Convolution neural network library, based off

elastic_conv_net - Elastic Convolutional Networks

Elastic Convolutional Networks

C3D - C3D is a modified version of BVLC caffe to support 3D ConvNets.

C3D is a modified version of BVLC caffe to support 3D ConvNets.