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Open Source Home Control System. .Net based Ability to run on Mono 1.2 (Synology) Netdunio



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Penguin - MediaServer/Render controller...

PenguinPenguin is a Java uPnP ControlPoint that enables sharing multimedia content over the network. Currently uses the CyberLinkforJava library written by Satoshi Konno. Device discovery (MediaServer/MediaRender) on the local network, via uPnP. Selection of content on MediaServers (audio, images, video). Control buttons for play, stop, pause and volume. Penguin es un ControlPoint uPnP escrito en Java que permite compartir contenido multimedia a través de la red. Utiliza actualmente la librerí

Fray-undeathmatch - An indirect control RTS with zombies and magic.

Fray is a game where you play a necromancer who takes part in the popular sport Undeathmatch. Gameplay is reminiscent of an RTS with the big difference that direct control over your units is limited once the zombie have been released from their spawnpoints. This is where the behaviors come in. First you build an army of zombie types to play with. You start with basic zombies and then give them different modifications and improvements. These include permanent improvements like embalming (more lif

Beziercurve - create and edit bezier curves on the fly, easy syntax

Lets you create and on the fly edit bezier curves with an easy syntax. You can add as many anchor and control points as you want. How to useimport beziercurve.BezierCurve;import beziercurve.display.AnchorPoint;import beziercurve.display.ControlPoint;import;...BezierCurve.verbose = true;var b:BezierCurve = new BezierCurve(0, 0xFF0000, 1);addChild(b);b.addAnchor(x, y);b.addControl(x, y);b.addAnchor(x, y);b.addControl(x, y);b.addControl(x, y);b.addControl(x, y);b.add

Smartfpgeditor - Smart Fpg Editor - A painless FPG Editor

Smart Fpg EditorSmart Fpg Editor is an easy-to-use, user friendly and powerful FPG editor tool for Windows. FPGs are graphic collections used by certain compilers/languages such as Bennu, Fenix or Div Games Studio. Smart Fpg Editor was conceived as a painless FPG editor, to fullfill the lack of several characteristics I missed in existing FPG editors, and with the ease of use in mind. At is current state it is with no doubt one of the most complete FPG-editors. You can check some other screen-sh

pre-pre-processor - Improving ease of code generation for multi control-point projects.

Improving ease of code generation for multi control-point projects.

controlpoint - Control Point System (Scala + Wicket + Spring + Hibernate)

Control Point System (Scala + Wicket + Spring + Hibernate)

node-upnp-controlpoint - A UPnP Control Point implementation for Node.js

A UPnP Control Point implementation for Node.js