contentnow :: small cms

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contentNow :: a small content management system based on php and mysql. using smarty template engine, adodb database framework, java scriptaculous utilities, java TinyMCE and other



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Contentnowcms - ajax driven cms templating with smarty

contentNow is a small easy extendable cms for small sitessimple use Design and content (texts, pictures, documents) are administered separated from each other. The working environment is very similar to a simple text processing. The system operates intuitively. flexible configuration Almost everything can be configured through the backend of contentnow: site design, content, metatags .... You can also customize the backend view of contentnow. The system can be adapted flexibly to the customer's

Templatifier - HTML templater and offline site creator

Brief descriptionThe idea of this project is to use standard HTML as templates to generate static sites dynamically. This is useful for distributing sites on a CD or to be able to use a cheaper hosting package and still have some of the functionality of a content managed system. IntroductionThe script replaces blocks of text in a standard html file. The blocks to be replaced inside the template are marked simply by the id of the tag. Take for example the following html (we'll call i