Contact Management

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Contact Management is a way to keep track of your contacts from a single location. It is small, simple, and can be run from removeable media with no need for installation.



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Kings - Contact Management

This is a web-enabled contact management system specifically tailored for churches or other non-profits that have groups, roles, etc.

Gbits-contactmanager - simple contact manager for Windows

C# project by G-Bits to incorporate different aspects of the .Net framework and increase knowledge for future projects. Focusing on: Create a desktop MDI app as the manager with a standalone contact card viewer. Get used to working with Reflection. File I/O with XML. Build a Treeview with organization options. Make use of LINQ in some capacity. Create a proper Installation package for the finished program.

F4b3r-wbcm - This is a web-based contact management (Case Study:

This is a Java Web-Based Application. The project about Web-Based Contact Management for a community. This is a standalone application without a community portal.

Web-breeze - a handy content managment platform

web-breezea CMS solution made with codeigniterWeb-breeze is a CodeIgniter powered CMS developed and maintained by Yoosuf Muhammad. the live demo comming soon Get involvein order to participae with our development team just try put for this link

Webofcontacts - A comparison of web application frameworks

This project compares a number of web application frameworks by implementing a "benchmark application" in each of them. The benchmark application is a simple contact manager with some core features that are used in most real-world webapps. New frameworks can be explored and advertised by contributing an implementation of WebOfContacts to this project. Currently, JSF, Spring MVC, Struts 1, Struts 2, GWT, and Ruby on Rails are covered. (There is a bias towards Java.) The main documentation is stil

Tkcontactmanager - a powerful contact manager for Plone

A powerful contact manager for Plone (Archetypes + some of the zope3 technologies). Tested with Plone 3.0. Main features: can be used for storing any information about people, organisations, companies etc. (including but not limited to contact details and some legal information). powerful bidirectional relations built in to allow users to reflect real-life associations between modelled entities customer relationship management and capturing information about external entities and how they are as

Simsalabim - Manage your SIM card contacts on your Android phone

WelcomeWelcome/User guide Downloads Screenshots Changelog What is SIMsalabim?SIMsalabim is an application for Google Android phones which allows the users to copy and manage the contacts which are stored on their SIM card. Google Android currently does not provide SIM management functionality apart from copying the contacts over to the phone. SIMsalabim adds this missing functionality by displaying the user all contacts which are on the phone as well as on the SIM card and letting the user to co

Rscontactmanager - ContactManager by ReardonSoftware

ContactManager is an application for storing contact information: people, addresses, emails and phone numbers. It is used as a sample application for working with various technologies.