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This is the latest (final and unreleased version) state of the Win32 Client version of ConnectUO. This has become open source as a learning tool for those who want to know what is involved in creating a Ultima Online freeshard patching/serverlist client.



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ninject - the ninja of .net dependency injectors

the ninja of .net dependency injectors

Revelation UO Emulator

The Revelation UO Emulator is a free Ultima-Online emulator based on Nox-Wizard. It is designed to be C-user-Friendly for scripting (using smallscript), newbie-friendly for maintenance, and compatible with all requested platforms.

Guard Zone

This program is designed to automate game process such as resource mining, stuff production and alike operations based on repeated actions for Ultima Online. It will help to improve experience of your character.

Ultima Online Project

An open source Ultima Online client. It currently works under Windows and Linux, and has been verified to run under BeOS as well.


Wograld is a 2d skill based MMORPG designed from the ground up to be focused on pvp and roleplay. It is everything Ultima Online should have been.

Synthentic World Object Req and Dist Ser

Design and develop an object based emulator of the Ultima Online game. The primary goal is to have fun, increase understanding of object design, C++ syntax, and usage of the Trolltech ( QT libraries.


MyUO is an Ultima Online server emulator, which permits to create your own UO world in a few minutes. It offers total customizability and great stability, thanks to its Perl interpreter, the solid C++ base and the internal MySql DataBase engine.

Jultima-online - Scripting Ultima Online

JUltima lets you to script Ultima Online in Java programming language.