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This is a simple utility to enable Linux users to use 3G Internet from Bulgarian mobile operators with 3G USB modems without any configurations performed by the user. Currently tested on recent Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and openSUSE distributions and following devices: HUAWEI E173 (Vivacom), Alcatel X220L (Vivacom), ZTE MF190 (Globul), ZTE K3565-Z (M-tel). connect_3g now supports PIN code security, though using it is not recommended.



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Signalmonitor - Keep monitoring the signal from you operator

SignalMonitor is a simple application that keeps monitoring if you lost or get signal from your operator and also monitor if some connecting starts or ends (gprs,edge,3g,wifi,etc)

Mytubeapp - YouTube video from an Application

This project is a C# application which does the following 1. Searching youtube video. 2. Playing in the the embedded webbrowser 3. Has a Taskbar Icon support 4. Handles media buttons for a. Play/Pause b. Stop c. Next track (video from search result) d. previous track (video from search result) e. Mute f. Volume Control g. seek 10 second forward or back even to unbuffered area. 5. Allows to set the proxy to be used. ( doesn't have suppport for credential based internet connection)

Sshbatch - a powerful tool to make server management easier

SSHBatch is a powerful tool to control several hosts simultaneously. It simplifies ssh login phase, applied to situations such as bench marking, cluster management well. 1. InstallationDownload SSHBatch-{version}.tar.gz, uncompress it, change to uncompressed directory, run the following command to install: # python installYou need root permission to execute above command. Edit configuration file /usr/local/etc/sshbatch.conf, seeking for help from in-palce comments in that file. Copying

Passgest - Gestionnaire en ligne de mots de passes - Login and mail passwords manager

Une application PHP/MySQL très simple permettant de gérer les mots de passe de ses utilisateurs. Les mots de passes sont stockés cryptés, et un mot de passe général permet de les décrypter. Y est joint un générateur de mots de passes simples à retenir, de la forme xxxnnxxx, un mot de 3 lettres, deux chiffres au hasard, puis un autre mot de 3 lettres. Pour plus de sécurité, il est recommandé d'utiliser un serveur HTTPS. Visitez la démonstration sur (mot d

Coolandroidlib - Useful library for Android developers

A library for Android developers containing classes useful to many Android applications. In a first brainstorm we identified the following (most of them not implemented yet): File Cache Helper for SurfaceView & Camera Intent Helper (dial phone numbers, open browser, play video, etc.) Advanced scaling for ImageView (e.g. one side constant) Detect whether the phone is connected to the Internet via WiFi, 3G, UMTS etc. ViewFlipper (like on home screen, nicely animated, scroll with finger) Fast (not


Throttle is a simple node.js app that makes it easier to test how a website performs on poor network connections. For example, testing a responsive website on a poor 3G connection without actually having to have a poor 3G connection. Simply connect your Mac to ethernet, share the network connection via Airport, run Throttle, and any connected device will then be throttled to the the network speed you specified. Throttle was designed to be used in conjunction with a device lab and products like s

Pyslimp3 - iTunes remote control and display using SLiMP3 device

IntroductionThe SLiMP3 device is an incredible feat of engineering and design. Released in 2001, it lets you access and play your entire MP3 music collection without physically accessing your computer. A media server, written in Perl, streams music data to the SLiMP3 device, where it is converted into analog and made available on a stereo connection. A remote control that comes with the unit is all that you use to select what to play and to control playback. If not one of the first network media

Erl-pipes - An implementation of Hartmann pipelines in Erlang

This project has moved to implementation of Hartmann pipelines in Erlang. In short, they are extensions of the usual Unix pipes that allow building graphs of programs and thus one can implement a full data-flow environment. Code example with current API, counting the number of lines in a file containing "=" and the number of lines that don't contain it: P1 = pipes:pipe(cat, [FileName]), P2 = pipes:pipe(lines), P4 = pipes:pipe(grep, ["="]), P3 = pipes:pipe(cou

Connectbot - Secure shell (SSH) client for the Android platform

ConnectBot is a Secure Shell client for the Android platform. Its ultimate goal is to create a secure connection through which you can use a shell on a remote machine and transfer files back and forth to your phone. Development TeamTwo core developers are working on the client, Kenny Root and Jeffrey Sharkey. We're both idling in #connectbot on freenode if you have questions. If you're a developer, check out details about how the current codebase is Designed. There are also mailing lists: Connec

Memagent - simple but useful proxy program for memcached

magent is a simple but useful proxy program for memcached servers. It features:keeps connections to memcached servers supports following memcached commands get gets delete incr decr add set replace prepend append cas event-driven by using libevent library supports ketama algorithm backup servers farm unix domain socket Usage: -h this message -u uid -g gid -p port, default is 11211. (0 to disable tcp support) -s ip:port, set memcached server ip and port -b ip:port, set backup memcached server ip