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Conky is an advanced, highly configurable system monitor for X based on torsmo



Related Projects

Conky GUI

Conky GUI eases the customization of Conky configuration files.

Psimon - Python System Information MONitor

A light-weight system monitor. Similar to Conky, but for the terminal. Written in the Python programming language.

Conky-stocks - Stock quote (Google finance API) plugin for Conky

conky-stocksFast and robust plugin for Conky that uses the Google finance API for monitoring stock data. I'm aware there are plenty plugins with similar functionality, however, this one uses the Google Finance API which offers better performance and doesn't sporadically output garbage data like the Yahoo based plugins tends to do. Created by Robert Wikman in 2011 usagerun ./ --help to display usage. notes Unfortunately there's a "layout bug" in Conky version 1.8.1 (current release)

I-did-do - a simple todo list manager

DescriptionHi! i-did-do is a simple command-line to-do list manager. It is written in python and uses mongodb as a database. Why?I was looking for a to-do list that I could work with from the command line and seamlessly integrate it with Conky. The closest thing i found was ikog, but still it did not meet my taste. For this reason I decided to roll my own! RequirementsPython 2.X Pymongo Module Mongodb ExampleThis is a sample of i-did-do in action with conky:

Conkywizard - ConkyWizard es un asistente para la configuración de Conky

ConkyWizard es un asistente para configurar Conky en Linux, sin tener conocimientos de su uso interno. Actualmente esta personalizado para Ubuntu Lucid. Esta idea nació para ayudar a muchas personas a configurar un añadido que hice en Así que, escuchando las dudas y sugerencias de los usuarios, realicé este programa con el que espero cumpla su cometido. Gracias a todos los usuarios de Gnome-Look por sus sugerencias que he intentado plasmar al máximo. Está programado en C++

Wonky - A conky like application for windows

Still under heavy development Consider it an alpha! Currently it supports executing files and a full WMI implmentation Also has a few helper commands, configuration is in XML. (For an easy way to check out the available WMI classes use WMI Code Creator ( The available classes are under the namespace root\\CIMV2 and begin with Win32 (Do not use the Win32 beginning in your xml) Wonky now has support for everest, allowing you to read temperatures, voltages, power, fan speeds! For an e

Lyricsdownloader - A simple python script to download lyrics for the currently playing track in seve

Lyrics Downloader downloads the lyrics to the music that's playing in Amarok 1 or 2, Banshee, Exaile, Rhythmbox, Audacious, Gmusicbrowser, Juk Quodlibet, Listen, Songbird, Muine, Beep Media Player, and MPD.

Conky-gtools - Tools to display GMail and Google Calendar information with conky

This project provides tools to display new GMail mails and future Google Calendar events on your desktop using Conky.