Borland-style CONIO

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Borland-style CONIO (COnsole Input Output) implementation for Win32 MinGW/Dev-C++.



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libconio is an implementation of conio.h fuctions that some DOS and Windows compilers provide. It's purpose is to allow developers to use functions like getch, getche, textcolor and others in a linux environment.


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This program is written with CPP, to convert Arabic numbers to Roman numbers and backwards. it was written as a part of an assignment for my programming 2 classes at university, it uses conio2 for several reasons, the GUI is drawn using arbitrary positioning, and coloring. The program was coded using DevCPP, I included on the project the conio2 devpack. I hope it is useful to you.

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This program written for a project of my freshman year in 2005. The program was written in Turbo C, and uses some of the graphics function are for DOS. The program will not compile without turbo C, although I managed to get a custom conio.h file and compiled it with devcpp.

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{{{#include<stdio.h> #include<stdlib.h> #include<math.h> #include<conio.h> float integral(float a, float b, float h, int n); float f(float x); int main() { int n; float a,b,h,eps,s1,s2,ds; printf("nachalo \"); scanf("%f",&a); printf("konec \"); scanf("%f",&b); printf("tochnost \"); scanf("%f",&eps); n=100; h=(b-a)/n; s1=integral(a,b,h,n); l2:n=n*2; h=(b-a)/n; s2=integral(a,b,h,n); ds=(s2-s1)/s2; if(fabs(ds)<eps) {printf("\ Integral= %f Chislo shagov %d",s1, n); getch(); exit(0);} s1=s2;goto l2;

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Muchos estudiantes principiantes en lenguaje C/C++ empiezan con la famosa consola y ademas utilizan Windows con Visual C++, y quieren mejorar la presentación de los menus de sus programas agregando color a la consola, sin unsar conio.h de Borland, aqui presento este proyecto q...

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#include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> #define PI 3.14 void main() { float r; float h; float A; printf("Enter The Radius of Cylinder:- "); sacnf("%f",&r); printf("Enter The height of Cylinder:- "); scanf("%f",&h); A=PI*r*h; printf("The Lateral or Open Area of Cylinder is:- "); printf("%2.f",A); getch(); }

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//Salt Analysis #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> class salt { int anion,cation,group; public: void prlexm(); int testanion(); int testcation(); void intro() { clrscr(); cout<<"\ SALT ANALYSIS"; cout<<"\\ This Is A Program Created By Mr. Ajish K B. Which Is Used To Do The Salt Analysis In A Computerised Way... Here Is A Program Which Is A Result Of $DAYS HARDWORK>>>>>>>"; getch(); } void result() { clrscr(); cout<<"\ SALT ANALYSIS"; cout<<"\\ $$$$SOLE RESULT::"; cout<<"\\\\tThe SALT contain