Confucius Framework

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An Avalon based J2EE Framework which minimizes the complexity and coding effort for middle tier programming by externalize SQL, business logic and workflow logic into XML configuration files.



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About DEValuatorA lightweight plug-in for eclipse. This is a group project in Software Engineering 2 class at CSUEB for the Winter 2011 quarter. Plug-in at a glance: show class dependencies all subclasses all compositions show package dependencies all packages used in a project In the near future recognize design patters in a project or validate a design pattern Project PhilosophyThe DEValuator's team believes in doing things as simple as possible. Confucius once said, Life is really simple, but

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IntroductionDooPHP framework is one of the fastest, if not the fastest PHP framework available. It enables developers at all levels to rapidly develop robust web 2.0 applications. The framework is around 3-12 times faster than other frameworks, DooPHP is higly capable of delivering incomparably fast page loads. Besides being fast, Doophp is also quite feature rich. DooPHP supports some common stuffs found in a web framework, such as MVC structured, RESTful API, REST client, URI routing, database


"Xingtan" is a legendary place where Confucius lecture, it also refers to mob the place to give lectures

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