Configuration for GNU

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A simple, unified configuration interface for administrators and end-users of Linux. Flexible, plugin-oriented front-ends (command line, GUI, web) and back-ends work together, allowing software programmers to create rich interfaces with minimal effort.



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Cptinfo - Simple C program trying to parse and retrieve information from Corel PHOTO-PAINT (.cpt) fi

CPTInfoCPTInfo is a Win32/Linux C console application which aim is to become GIMP plugin allowing import of Corel PHOTO-PAINT's layered format CPT images (CPT format concept is similar to Adobe's PSD or GIMP XCF). There is also basic CPT file format specification provided (mostly incomplete at the moment). At the moment, CPTInfo, as name suggests, allows only to display and dump some information from .cpt files created in Corel PHOTO-PAINT versions 7.0 to X4. To compile source on Linux You will

Whoisonlineirc - PHP script which can display the lists of online user from IRC (Internet Relay Chat

Whois Online IRC => PHP Script Author: Thet Twe <,,> Description: Whois Online IRC => PHP Script is the php script which can grab the irc users from the whole networks or each channel and display. Unlike with others, it's fast because of using mysql database to store the user list and update on the web. Features List: Most User Online List, Hide/Show menu, last update timer. Publish Date: August 10 2008 Lincense: GNU GPL Ver 2 Author

Mwbuild - Metaweb configuration, build, deployment, and runtime management tool

AboutMwbuild is the tool used by Metaweb Technologies to handle configuration, build, deployment and runtime management of production services behind Mwbuild takes a novel lightweight approach to deployment and configuration such that a single tool is used by both developers and operations staff. Implemented as a superset of the Subversion VCS, it facilitates source-based configuration and deployment of software components. A flexible INI-style configuration format with late-bindin

Fastnmp - The Fast Nginx+php+mysql+python+memcached+eaccelerator for Centos

The Fast Nginx+php+mysql+python+memcached+eaccelerator for CentosPHP 5.3.6 MYSQL 5.5.10 PYTHON 2.7 memcached 1.45 eaccelerator 0.96 CENTOS 5.5 within 32bit software list: mkdir -p /www/softwarewget

Rssdler - RSS Broadcatcher for podcasts, videocasts, and torrent feeds

RSSDlerA utility to automatically download enclosures and other objects linked to from various types of RSS feeds. Works well on podcasts, videocasts, and torrents. Features include:filtering using regular expressions and/or file size global, feed, and filter based download locations can run in the background (at least on GNU/Linux) like a daemon various logging and verbosity levels support for sites protected with cookies (LWP/MSIE/Mozilla/Safari/Firefox3) global and feed scan times respects 't

Desarrollo-ubuntu - Texto libre sobre el desarrollo y empaquetamiento de programas para Ubuntu

IntroducciónEste proyecto consiste en un texto libre y en español sobre el desarrollo y empaquetamiento de programas para sistemas basados en Debian GNU/Linux (en particular, Ubuntu). La idea es documentar el proceso de desarrollo de aplicaciones de escritorio sencillas escritas en lenguajes como Python o Java, usando Glade; y además del trabajo que se requiere para tomar el código de la aplicación y convertirlo en un paquete de software instalable desde un repositorio. Estas tareas adicion

Codetrunk - Snippet sharing and debugging tool is a platform for sharing code snippets with friends, co-workers, pepole on irc channels and, in fact, with everyone on the Internet. Codetrunk is my little project for making a better pastebin, with the abbility of commenting on trunks (or bins), revising and so on. The main idea was to implement a better syntax highlighter (SyntaxHighlighter) with a prettier (but heavier) interface, something which pastebin was lacking. Codetrunk is also an effort of mine to improve my php coding

My-taobao-tools - æ·˜å®�店铺管ç�†å·¥å…·ï¼ŒåŸºäºŽGoogle App Engineå¹³å�°å’ŒOpen Taobao API接å�£çš

  因GFW和�问题,GAE项目在国内�得�常�实用,作者计划用AIR�构本项目,�然使用Open Taobao API实现所有功能,将会把所有功能都移�到本地,将会用AIR实现一个类似淘�官方的“淘�助手�,会把很多淘�官方收费功能实现出�,还是会开�哦,敬请期待。。。(作者在进一步研究AIR,�能会�时�布安�的PAD版和手机版) 作者:王少波 2012年4月23日9时 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Wordpressinstallationsystem - Wordpress Installation System(WPIS) is a php/mysql based Wordpress Ins

Wordpress Installation System by Abhishek Jha Intro:Wordpress Installation System(WPIS) is a php/mysql based Wordpress Installation Automation and Controlled Installation System for Web Hosting providers. If you are a web hosting provider and would like to automate your task of providing people a ready made website of their needs, then this script makes it easy for you to make a user system controllable from admin p

Jblog-for-php - 基于PHP+MySQL的开��客程�

官方网站: 作者�客: 一�软件介� JBLOG是基于PHP+MySQL的开��客程�,具有速度快�效率高�功能强大��作体验佳等特点。作者针对SEO�了大�的优化工作,支�生�HTML��页��URL Rewrite(需��务器支�)�创建自定义页��自定义URL�Meta Description标签等功能。 二�声明 JBLOG 程�著作�归作者 ���(Jesse Lee) 所有。 使用者必须�循GNU