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libConfig++ is a portable and flexible C++ library for reading configuration files which were written in C style syntax.



Related Projects

Hostfile-manager - manage hosts file records.

We may need to modify host files for many reasons, such as to across the GFW. But when we add a lot of records in the host file, it may become difficult to maintain. So I want to write this tool to maintain host file records easily. 1. create a file and put your custom host records in it, such as facebook.txt. 2. open with any text editor and add a line as in the file: 'facebook':'facebook.txt' 3. run python or just double click it. python 2.7 Please follow me at go

Linux-g13-driver - UI & Driver for Logitech G13 Gamepad

Simple to use and configure UI & Driver for Logitech G13 Gamepad for Ubuntu. User Interface written in Java. Driver written in C++. How to use: Download the project zip file. Unzip it to what ever directory. In console type "make" in the directory you unzipped too. Run the UI config tool first (java -jar Linux-G13-GUI.jar) Run the Driver (sudo ./Linux-G13-Driver) Enjoy Author: Jim Gupta Driver is written in C++, original driver code borrowed from

Wizzomafizzo - Repository of my Linux config files and scripts.

Repository of all my config files for various programs in Linux. Plus scripts that are just plain neat or relate to the configs.

Rrssdl - Ruby RSS Downloader

What is rrssdlThis is just a simple yet powerful ruby system that allows for downloading the link tag in an RSS feed item. The main trunk source is actually the TV Show variant (which is what i have built first), however, it would be easy to branch the code to handle other types of RSS feeds. Why rrssdlrrssdl was created with the intention of using it in combination with the rTorrent client (however this would work equally as well with transmission or any other client that can watch a directory)

Limpet - Extends debugging data from web sites to a Google Chrome extension

Limpet is a system for exposing debugging information on web sites in a low-impact, secure way. It consists of a site-side library (currently only ASP.NET 2.0 or later, though support for other languages can be added) and Google Chrome extension for reading that data. Without the extension, nothing will be emitted by the server and the component will be invisible to a normal site visitor. With the extension, the site will emit AES-encrypted data in the page which will display in the browser. See

Thebluerose - A middleware to support multiparadigm communications and dynamic discovery of nearby r

OverviewBlueRose is a middleware to support multiparadigm communications and dynamic discovery of nearby resources in ubiquitous systems. It is developed in C++, Java, C#, Python and Objective-C and it is portable between Linux, Windows, MacOSX, Android and iOS operating systems. Source code is currently fully documented in every programming language. Also, several demo applications are provided as examples to develop more complex applications. BlueRose is mainly developed by Carlos Rodríguez D

Tmp-config - Configuration files for Tab Mix Plus

A Tab Mix Plus config as starting point for new FF installations. As long as Tab Mix Plus for Firefox 3 is not yet out, you can use the dev build link on the right. If you cannot load the dev build, read

Itik-crud - Itik: Idiotic PHP Framework

What is Itik (ETK)?Itik is Indonesian term for duck, while ETK means Easy ToolKit. So, this framework hopefully empowers the new (and newbie) programmer in PHP web-based applications to do some prototyping way quicker and faster. The Itik consists of just one main class and file, and some other supporting files for styling, basic layout, basic JS interactions and basic configuration. The main class, doCrud() is the central idea of Itik. Basically it will handle some main routines for accessing t

Woxys - Librairie de fonctionnalités web pour la gestion de serveurs privés World Of Warcraft

Projet WoxysWowys est un projet PHP open source. Avec Woxys, vous disposez d'une librairie complète permettant de coder rapidement des applications web se reposant sur une architecture de serveur de jeu World Of Warcraft tournant sous TriniTy ou MaNGOS Les fonctions de bases répétitives (Authentification/Inscription/Récupération de mot de passe/Emails etc...) nécessaires à un site de jeu World Of Warcraft sont facilitées par l'emploi de classes et de fonctions de gestion faciles à implÃ

Twixer - Handy command line client for Twitter, and compatible services

About TwixerTwixer is an command line client for the popular service and compatible microblogging platforms like It features all basic functionality plus new stuff like checking if a referenced twitter screen name actually exists, automatically correcting typos in your friend's screen names, suggestion people to follow analyzing your friend's network of friends among other tricks. Getting it installedSubversionCurrently the best way to install Twixer is to grab the sources