Create config data GUI with validation

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Config::Model enables a project developer to provide a graphical configuration editor for his users. For this, the developer must describe the structure and constraints of his project's config (i.e. the config model). Files are available on CPAN



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redbean - ORM layer that creates models, config and database on the fly

ORM layer that creates models, config and database on the fly

RedBeanPHP - Easiest ORM layer for php

RedBeanPHP is an open source ORM (object relational mapping) tool for PHP. It focuses on simplicity and ease of use. What makes RedBean unique is that it creates your database schema on-the-fly. It scans your data and adjusts the column types to fit your object properties. If your models are stabilized you can freeze the database. This way RedBean is easy to develop with but is also extremely fast on production servers.

Open CASCADE Auto Config

GNU Autoconf, Automake and Libtool scripts and makefiles for the Open CASCADE solid modeler.

Xervlet: A Java MVC API

Java Based Model-View-Controller (MVC) API that allows for easy web-based software development. API allows a the web-designer and code-developer to work apart from one another by combining them at the beautification layter. Config files are fully obfus

Rai-framework - Easy QueryModel for Hibernate or EJB3. Framework for web development with less confi

Easy QueryModel for Hibernate or EJB3. Framework for web development with less config. My English is not very good. I'll do my best. by Rai@Beijing 2011-09-15

ASP.NET MVC CMS ( Using CommonLibrary.NET )

A powerful ASP.NET MVC 2 CMS / Blog / Web Application Template, providing core features ( environment selection, config, logging, email services, account management, administration console ) out of the box. Uses TDD, DDD, Model/Code Generation, CommonLibrary.NET.

Yangzhou - ORM Code Generate

This is an ORM Code Generate tool.Our plan is:Step 1: from an data model xml file, this tool can help people to generate Java POJO, Hibernate config file and MySQL DDL file.Step 2: from the XML file, generate a web site with CRUD pages of all objects, people can manipulate there inital data or sample data easily.Step 3: create a web way to help people create the data model xml file.Step 4: decoupling java, hibernate and MySQL, user can config any language, ORM tool and DB they want

Django-jqgrid - django utilities allowing easy handling and configuration of jqGrids.

We've moved!Please visit the latest code at django-jqgriddjango-jqgrid aims to make integrating full support for jqgrid as simple as defining which models you want exposed, while still supporting the more advanced features. After unexpected interest, I have decided to provide an early release in the form as a utility class. This release is not stable or intented for production use. I will be cleaning up, restructuring (to a more flexible classed generic han

Universaldotnetproviders - .NET Providers that offer the same functionality of the built providers b

This project is designed to let people leverage the power of the built in .NET controls such as logins and web parts but with their choice of any back end database engine. Configuration is done through the web.config file and allows for a distributed database model allowing you to store pieces of the providers in different locations or even different databases all together. Initial project source code contributed by KDESolutions

Phlight - PHP/JS framework for robust web development

PHlight - PHP framework for robust development. Especially optimized for creating high traffic web sites. Not only includes PHP platform but also integrated client-side (Javascript) system. Created with "keep it simple" idea in mind. FeaturesSmall and easy MVC Native PHP templates Mysql/Mongo models support (takes an our to implement a model for any DB) No ORM (simple models approach instead) Integrated caching with memcache Own tasks system with CLI executer Deployment system Code generation Mu