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A Perl module for reading quot;.INIquot; style configuration files. Provides Object-Oriented and tied hash usage styles.



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Settings4Net - The Ultimate Settings/Configurations Library for .NET

Settings4Net is the last library you will ever need managing your project's settings. Think it as a standard .NET Settings class "on steroids". Beyond obvious functionality of storing/retrieving your program/user settings - you can add various restrictions, default values, etc.

Inih - Simple .INI file parser in C, good for embedded systems

inih (INI Not Invented Here) is a simple .INI file parser written in C. It's only a couple of pages of code, and it was designed to be small and simple, so it's good for embedded systems. It's also more or less compatible with Python's ConfigParser style of .INI files, including RFC 822-style multi-line syntax and name: value entries. To use it, just give ini_parse() an INI file, and it will call a callback for every name=value pair parsed, giving you strings for the section, name, and value. It

NConf - Advanced Configuration Manager

NConf is an advanced configuration system for .Net projects. It's written out of the need for more advanced configuration than what .Net provides. The key features it supports is multiple configuration sources, simple to use syntax, the ability to reload/update configuration a...

Confparse - Python module for manipulating configuration files. Aims at ease of use, flexibility, an

The confparse python module can process simple properties files but also files with sections. It gives convenient access to the values, or gives features like variable evaluation or default values. Configuration files can not only be read but also updated with one-liners, while keeping layout and comments intact. Options can be added, deleted, and uncommented. Confparse is extensible and can map new format without too much work. I am circulating this alpha version to developers in the field in h

Dso-patcher - Drakensang Online Patcher

Drakensang Online Patcher#ATTENTION! with the new Release 022 (as of 9-9-2011) of the game, the DSO-Patcher is rendered useless for now.OverviewDrakensang Online Patcher may provide a convenient way to modify the offline content of the browsergame Drakensang Online. This can be accomplished for example by copying files to the appropiate folder (DSOClient). Drakensang Online Patcher doesn't provide these files themselves! FeaturesALPHA6: check for INI file at startup, else create INI if ini-file

Eschew - Even Simpler C-Heuristic Expat Wrapper

ESCHEW - Even Simpler C-Heuristic Expat WrapperOVERVIEW:Eschew is a simple tables constructor + runtime XML parser wrapper based on Expat. The typical usage of Eschew is to read/write application options from an XML configuration. The primary goal of Eschew, and what differentiates it from other XML wrappers, is its ability to instantiate arrays for holding XML values that are readily available at compilation time, just like any other standard C array. This unique feature makes the use of Eschew

Inieditor - [MortScript] iniEditor: get a friendly menu out of an .ini file!

It's very usefull as a developper to use .ini file to store settings of apps or MortScript scripts. Unfortunately, you may have so many complicated settings (check IPTWeather for instance ), that you or newbies would like to be able to edit those settings without having to open the .ini configuration file. That's why I've created the iniEditor.mscr script to get a friendly menu out of an .ini file: This is more a proof of concept, and I would really like some developper can port it to a real .ex