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Confessor is a live incident response tool that will gather volatile and non volatile data off of hundreds of mahines in a short period of time.



Related Projects

Bot-confessor - Religious chatterbot

Chatterbot simulating behaviour of father-confessor. Control project for Human-Computer Interaction course on Adam Mickiewicz University. Speaks in polish language. Uses XML dialect - AIML (Artificial Intellgence Markup Language).

Abominade - a8, the abominade IDE

The One True IDEâ„¢, successor/crossdresser/confessor/depressor to the PIDA IDE. An ultra-lightweight IDE, that embeds Vim, a terminal emulator, and a file browser and makes them work together. pip install a8or read the installation guide

confessor - Command line library for FreePascal/Delphi

Command line library for FreePascal/Delphi