Concept Explorer

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Concept Explorer implements basic functionality, needed for students and researchers in field of Formal Concept Analysis.



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FcaStone (named in analogy to quot;Rosetta Stonequot;) is a tool that translates between different Formal Concept Analysis file formats, as used by ToscanaJ, Galicia, and Conexp, and commonly used graph editors. (See the project website for details.)

Fcaparser - Parses Java code to generate input for concept explorers

Abstract: Fcaparser parses java files to generate binary input for the Concept Explorers, "Conexp"or "Galicia", which later generate the concept lattice. It provides an interface to the user to either select a package containing multiple java files or a single java file followed by selection of technique to be applied, binary file storage and lattice generation. Techniques Supported: Method-Attribute relationship Hierarchy Detection among Multiple Classes Method Invoced and Attribute accessed ac

conexp-clj - A General-Purpose Tool for Formal Concept Analysis

A General-Purpose Tool for Formal Concept Analysis