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CONECT is a software to design, setup, commission and test home and building-automation systems. It will support various bus systems such as EIB.



Related Projects

Sql-batch-dumper - Executes select queries and dumps results to xml files

Project is used to execute sql queries stored in separated text files to xml files with the same names. Conection establihes through ODBC.

Session-commander - A remote connections manager.

SessionCommander is a script to control multiple protocols sessions easily, like a remote connection manager. This not implement any protocol conection, you need embended software installed on your system to conect to other host, this script only implements the connection manager. Currently these protocols are supported: SSH (Secure Shell) Telnet (TELecommunication NETwork) VNC (Virtual Network Computing) RDP (Remote Desktop) Logging console text to a file: SSH (Secure Shell) Telnet (TELecommuni

Simbel-reporter - Simbel Reporter

Simbel Reporter (aster report before) is a open source reporting system using java/ajax technology. This report system allows you to conect multiples RDBMS using JDBC, export the result to XLS, CSV, use JasperReports templates or include XLS templates.

Datecsa-project - Proyecto para la empresa Datecsa S.A.

Este es el proyecto integrador propuesto para el 5to sementre en la UNIAJC por Alberto Jaramillo Reyes y Geyner Bueno Terranova La idea es desarrollar una aplicación en Java que se conecte a una base de datos en Oracle XE 10g y en la cual se pueda realizar toda la gestión de asignación de equipos de cómputo a los usuarios.

Remote Notes

Handy Sticky Notes Program with network conectivity and project categorization. Synchronizable via web account.


Chipchat is web chat program written in java language. It is web application and need web server such as Tomcat. By using quot;Appletquot; for conecting to server, it is not need to install any program in client.

Messanger008 - messanger between peers

program that allow to conect between pepole on the net


phpRapidDev will be a development tool to create and manage applications, it contains a theme manager, language selection, conection to various database servers, form generator, report generator, and user management. Text-based defines with web tool.