Concierge OSGi

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Concierge OSGi is an OSGi (Open Service Gateway Initiative) R3 framework implementation optimized for resource-constrained devices like mobile and embedded systems.



Related Projects

Concierge-tools-for-eclipse - Concierge Tools for Eclipse

Concierge OSGi Development Tools consist of a set of plug-ins that facilitate the creation and launch of OSGi applications on Concierge.

WPF MultiTouch Concierge

This project is aimed to target people who want to learn multi touch programming and want to develop cost effective multitouch solution ( kiosk / table etc) without having to buy expensive hardwares.


concierge app

syscon - System concierge

System concierge

tracie - TradeStation Concierge

TradeStation Concierge

ScheduleConcierge - Schedule Concierge supports you to make Trip Schedule

Schedule Concierge supports you to make Trip Schedule

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