Concerto Digital Assets Management Tool

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A PHP/Harmoni digital asset management tool, Concerto allows the cataloguing of multimedia in DublinCore, VRA, and user-defined schemes. Media can be searched across schemes, put into annotated slideshows, or used in other programs such as Segue2.



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Concerto: Online Adaptive Testing PlatformConcerto is a web based, adaptive testing platform for creating and running rich, dynamic tests. It combines the flexibility of HTML presentation with the computing power of the R language. It's totally free for commercial and academic use, and it's open source. The project originated at The Psychometrics Centre of Cambridge University Get a Demo AccountBefore installing concerto you may prefer to test it using a demo account on our server. Email Ms. Vai

Iconcerto - Synergy Software

Synergy SoftwareiConcerto is modular software based on Spring and OSGi technologies. It is not a production project. It is just for fun. Maybe it will be a production one sometime. If you are interested in using Spring into an OSGi container then you will be able to find something. I hope so:-) iConcerto Wiki screenshots (left - xhtml view, right - wiki code)

Py-concerto - A proof-of-concept implementation of the Sinfonia distributed memory abstraction in Py

Concerto is a Python implementation of the Sinfonia (paper: distributed shared memory abstraction that was presented at SOSP in 2007. This project started out as the result of a challenge: to implement the core of Sinfonia in any language in under three hours. The challenge was met, but the implementation was ugly. What is presented here is the result of some very preliminary beautification work. Neither Python n

Titan-music-player - A music player designed for classical music.

Targeted at classical music and bringing a proper random mode for multi-movement works. Going from Mozart's Clarinet Concerto to the middle of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring shouldn't be possible! Titan comes from the original subtitle to Gustav Mahler's First Symphony. Mahler was (in)famous for large orchestral works, a genre that has been ignored by designers of random/shuffle mode. Requirements: PyGObject Mutagen GStreamer PyGST Screenshot of v0.1.1

Openconcerto - Logiciel professionnel de gestion

OpenConcerto est un logiciel qui regroupe l'ensemble des fonctionnalités nécessaires à la gestion efficace d'entreprise. Il regroupe: la gestion commerciale la comptabilité la gestion des payes le système point de vente (caisse) Petite ou grande entreprise, vous disposez d'un outil performant basé sur des bases de données SQL reconnues. Sans bridages, le logiciel est multi-société, multi-site, multi-poste et multi-TVA.

Mmdk-sdd-spring10 - Software Design & Documentation Project for Team MMDK

Flagship Jean is a building schedule for the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) Student Union. It is meant to be viewed on touchscreen all-in-one PCs mounted outside of rooms in the Union. Individual screens display the events located in the room(s) they reside outside of, and users are able to search for events in any room in the building. The project's namesake is Jean Purtel, Operations Coordinator of the RPI Union. Aside from helping people figure out where they're going, Flagship Jean w

Cpqpen2 - Compaq Concerto pen driver for Linux 2.6.x kernels

What is it?A port of the Compaq Concerto pen input driver to modern Linux kernels. How does it work?Check out the Status page to see the progress. Please download the source and try it for yourself! CreditsBased on the work of Joe Pfeiffer (

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