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This program is intended as an educational tool to explain the concept of Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT). It uses the Fast Fourier Transform to calculate the DFT of a given arbitrary time domain signal and plots it graphically.



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Renaissance-dsp - Renaissance-DSP is a tools suite for DSP core generation that utilize residue numb

This project will implement a complete HDL code generation suite for residue number arithmetic based digital signal processing cores that use periodicity properties of series 2^j mod A and other modern concepts behind RNS-based hardware. The primary objective is to bring residue number arithmetic based digital hardware to an average hardware designer by a bunch of highly configurable computer-aided design generator's suite.

Dsp-unmsm - Work group focused in developing projects based in digital signal processing

The Digital Signal Processing(DSP) work group is a study group founded at San Marcos University(Lima - Perú), it is focused to study basic concepts of DSP and to apply DSP techniques to solve local problems.

Dspslice - DSP Applications for FPGA, Embedded Processing, and Real-Time Environments

DSP Slice: Digital Signal Processing ApplicationsDetailed summaries of the applications can be found at dspslice. The site is still currently under construction, but will be completed in the coming weeks. Project OverviewThis project provides a number of digital signal processing applications ranging from FPGA implementations of digital oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers for use with Linux desktops/workstations to low-power intelligent DSP hardware (board-level) designs. ApplicationsWhile many

Jsfxgen - Modular Integrated Development Environment for JesuSonic.

JSFXGEN is a working proof-of-concept modular IDE for generating DSP code for the JesuSonic platform, written using the Flex and AIR SDKs. JesuSonic has a standalone version and is also part of Reaper as a plugin. It can be used to create a wide variety of different FX via reusable, user-created modules. It has build in text editor and modular arranger with drag and drop routing. Multiplatform (AIR) - Mac, Linux, Windows. JesuSonic documentation is here Also don't forget to visit Reaper's homepa

Miniecg - Hand-handled mobile ECG monitoring Device for post cardiac arrest patients

MotivationHand-handled ECG are very important for patients recovering from heart surgery or heart attacks. It is medically proven that in 17% cases heart attack can re-occur and can prove lethal. A tiny device that can monitor ECG continuously can prove very helpful in such cases. A miniECG system is a system that can process ECG signal locally and eventually can send it over wireless internet to clinic as and when required. Even doctor can ping from his clinic to the device and can record the E