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quot;Concentreacute;quot; is a Xforms/Xml framework based on 3 differents projects : xslt2xforms, libxforms and on a MVC php 5 framework. The objective is to provide a complete xforms/xml toolbox based only on w3c standards.



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Concentre-grid - Concentré Grid for Mootools

Concentré Grid is a Mootools 1.2.x grid control. The idea is to create a powerfull unobstrusive control with these features : Resizable columns/rows Sortable Support for datastore like Array,JSON,XML Renderer per cell (to format output data) Inline editor Filter bar Events delegation (using bubble or capture)

Concentre-xforms - Pure javascript XForms 1.1 processor and XML framework

Concentré is a XForms/Xml framework based on 2 differents projects : xslt2xforms, libxforms. The main goal is to provide an entreprise grade client and server side XForms 1.1 basic solution based on w3c standards. Concentré is not a new project. I'm working on from some years but unfortunately I've haven't got enough time to promote it as I wanted. This year I've decided to rewrite part of Concentré project. The main goal is to provide the best XForms processor. Concentré XForms is a full ja

Concentre-daemon - Zend Framework *nix Daemon Php Class

Concentre Daemon is a Zend Framework class to help in *nix console daemon development. A Zend Framework proposal was created for this project : This component will help forking main process to background This component will handle pid/pid file to ensure that only one daemon is running This component will chroot jail This component will allow running the daemon as non priviliged user This component will help building d

Slides-to-beamer - DocBook Slides to LaTeX Beamer Convertor

Simple DocBook Slides to LaTeX Beamer Convertor: converts Docbook Slides .xml source to .tex LaTeX Beamer file optionally executes pdflatex to create the slide presentation in PDF does not cover all DB Slides markup repertoire, concentrates on the most frequently used elements

Matsadaml-org - MatsadaML is a Material Safety Data Authoring Tool

MatsadaML assists in authoring Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) by concentrating on what is unique for the product to be described. From this description various base data such as substances, exposure limits, hazards, risk phrases and safety phrases is referenced and automatically included in the final data sheet. The product data can be authored in any XML editor and in Open Office. The final data sheet is rendered in both html and pdf. Word of caution: This is beta software and not suitable

Simple-markup-language - A simplified way of creating markup (xml/html) elements, similar to what yo

Simple markup language is only a concept that can be implemented in any programming language if necessary in order to create xml/html elements quickly and easily. It fallows that common line you may already know: write less and do more. I will concentrate more on PHP here, using basically 2 classes: class SMLParser and class node. Class SMLParser is what you will use to pass strings that represent the tree of elements you want to retrieve. The result is always an array of objects of the type nod

Pxb - perl xml binding

PXB uses the power of perl data structures to define the rules of how perl objects are converted to or from XML (the binding). Or more explicitly to and from the DOM tree. Why not to use just DOM instead? DOM is just a representation of the XML data structure. It does not provide any facility to hook up easily some custom callback aligned with some external data schema to the particular element in the tree. The current spectrum of available XML APIs for perl is limited to tree walking. The PXB f

Bsdz-perl - BSDZ's CPAN modules

A home for various Perl projects. Tie::iCalTie::iCal makes working with RFC 2445 iCalendar files as easy as dealing with hashes in Perl. It can greatly simplify merging, parsing and manipulating several iCalendar files all at once. Simple structure - Intuitive mapping between iCalendar components, names, parameters and properties and Perl data structure. Complete Support - Near complete RFC 2445 support by concentrating mostly on the iCalendar file format. Pure Perl - Available on all platforms

Web-photo-gallery - A web-based photo gallery application in Python

IntroductionDigital Camera really made the number of photos exploded. You have a lot of photos and you want to manage it in an easy way: Not only easy to add photos but also easy to share photos. Easy to find photos by various attributes you might give a photo. Easy to describe photos. Easy to delete and recover photos. That sounds good? However there's still a not so short distance to achieve this. ImplementationIt is decided to use python and the python image library (PIL). Original photos wil

Leonore - SVG Javascript Library

Welcome to LeonoreLeonore is a suite of javascript classes to enable the easy client-side drawing of shapes, lines and images using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). SVG itself is a very simple standard, allowing the creation of complex shapes and diagrams via the combination of basic XML structures. If all you want to do is draw a circle then standard SVG is all you need. This package was created both to allow some of the XML complexities to be abstracted away and also to allow more dynamic contr