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CONAN is a correlation network analysis tool for large datasets.



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Py-aoclib - A python module for connecting to the Age of Conan chat server

py-aoclib is a python module that allows an easy way to write a bot in python to interact with the Age of Conan chat servers.

cBot an Advance Bot for Age of Conan

cBot is an Advance Bot for Age of Conan

Aocchat - A chat library enabling you to connect to the ingame chat server in Age of Conan

IntroductionI finally decided to release my Age of Conan port I did of the most popular used chat library to connect Anarchy Online's ingame chat servers. This PHP library was originally done by Auno and has been used in a number of different public and private development projects for Anarchy Online. The chat library on itself cannot do anything. You will have to write your own code that actually use the functionality - or adjust some of the existing Anarchy Online projects to work with Age of

Aoc-drupal-tools - Software and Tools to maintain your MMO Guilds Website with Drupal

aoc-drupal-tools is a collection of Drupal Modules to maintain a Age of Conan Guild Website. Most of the modules heavily rely on Bebot Hyborian to acquire it's data from the game. Currently available features are: Automatically granting access to valid guild members to the forum Display the City's build progress on the page Sync professions to Bebot, so it can be displayed in the Game EqDKP Support for your site Display currently in Game online Users on your site Remind users in Game that they s

Bebot-aoc - Age of Conan chat bot coded in PHP - based on the Anarchy Online version of BeBot

IntroductionBeBot Hyborian is a chat bot connecting to the Age of Conan ingame chat server. BeBot Hyborian is based on BeBot 0.5.2 for Anarchy Online. BeBot has a flexible plugin-structure making it very easy to integrate and develop 3rd party plugins for the bot. A wide range of plugins are already made for the Anarchy Online version which can be reused directly for BeBot Hyborian. You can find help and ready to install plugins at the BeBot support forums here. Latest ChangesLatest changes can


A subset of the TestCon project, ConAn builds on Roast to provide a testing framework for concurrent Java components. For more details on the TestCon project see

Jaocbot - A Java Chat Lib + ChatBot for Age Of Conan

JAoCBot is a in java written library for Age of Conan. With that library you can easily develop your custom aoc bot. Or just use the default bot attached to the library. A Default Gui is implemented as well, you can send to all channels + sending and receiving private msges. Its developed with a plugin system so you can easily add new plugins to the bot, without modifying the base source code. Just implement the IAoCPlugin interface in your class and put it in the plugins folder. You will need a

Worldcat-bot - A bot for Google Wave that inserts search links to

AboutWorldCat-Bot adds search links to WorldCat inside Google Wave. It is an unofficial project, not currently affiliated with WorldCat, OCLC, or any of its affiliates. It is hosted on the Google App Engine here UsageFirst, add WorldCat-Bot to your wave by adding the address Then add a search anywhere in your text, it will look like this <wc:(author|title|isbn|issn|keyword|number|subject) {your search goes here}> You have to pick one of the fields to search on (author,

Conantheme - iGoogle Detective Conan Theme

Detective Conan iGoogle Theme based off of my Desktop wallpaper