installers - A Multi-Framework Composer Library Installer

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A Multi-Framework Composer Library Installer



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Composer - Dependency Management for PHP

Composer helps you declare, manage and install dependencies of PHP projects, ensuring you have the right stack everywhere.

Passwordcomposermini - A MIDlet implementation of Password Composer

A version of Password Composer (see that can be run as a MIDlet on phones etc. In short, Password Composer lets you have unique passwords for all web sites but only requires you to remember a single master password. If you already use Password Composer, but now and then want access to it without having to install anything or at all typing your master password on a machine you don't trust, then Password Composer Mini might be for yo

Radiant-hikifilter - A Hiki filter for Radiant CMS

Allows you to compose page parts or snippets in Radiant using the HikiDoc text filter. To install: svn checkout vendor/extensions/hiki_filter

Ounk - Ounk is an interactive library for sound programming

Ounk is a Python audio scripting environment that uses Csound as it's engine. It can be used for a variety of tasks such as composing, sound design, live performances and much more. In addition to providing powerful synthesis and sampling capabilities, it supports MIDI and OpenSoundControl protocols. Ounk is omnivorous. Ounk is magical. INSTALL Instructions For questions please mail ounk (at)

Fractal-composer - Implementation of a self-similarity music generation algorithm.

This subversion repository is no longer used; instead the project is now hosted on github. Fractal Composer takes a short melody created by a user and uses it as the "shape" to generate an entirely self-similar piece of music. It is being developed in Java with the Java Midi API. Several other open source projects are used by Fractal Composer: Simple XML Serialization Framework Gervill Software Synthesizer Tritonus Open Source Java Sound Lilypond Music Engraving Guido Lib Simple XML Serializatio

Lark-rda - Create RDA with Ruby On Rails and Mozilla's rendering engine

Basically it's just like AIR. You install a framework to launch applications. The Lark framework is composed of XULRunner, Ruby and some other stuff. Then you download the Lark SDK to deploy your applications. If you already have a Rails application, you just need to package it and it's finish ! You can customize it with an application icon, a menu bar and more ! Creating an application is just creating a Rails web application. You can develop it with your browser and when it's finish, your appl

Zkgrails - ZK plugin for Grails

ZKGrails: ZK plugin for GrailsZKGrails is a plugin for the next generation rapid Web development framework, Grails. Based on ZK, one of the leading RIA frameworks, ZKGrails adds and enhances its RIA development capabilities and seamlessly integrates it with Grails' infrastructures. This results in an advanced RIA framework featuring direct AJAX and convention-over-configuration. Every 4 months, each major version of ZKGrails will be released. It is licensed under LGPL. It's always opensourced an

Abjad - Abjad is a Python API for Formalized Score Control

Abjad: a Python API for Formalized Score ControlAbjad is an interactive software system designed to help composers build up complex pieces of music notation in an iterative and incremental way. Use Abjad to create a symbolic representation of all the notes, rests, staves, tuplets, beams and slurs in any score. Because Abjad extends the Python programming language, you can use Abjad to make systematic changes to your music as you work. And because Abjad wraps the powerful LilyPond music notation

Jndi-resources - Génération et installation des fichiers de paramétrage pour la publication de re

"Écrit une fois, installé partout"Vous avez des difficultés à paramétrer les Datasources ou les files JMS pour JBoss ou Tomcat ? Vous ne comprenez rien aux paramétrages des serveurs d'applications ? JNDI-Resources est fait pour vous.jndi-resources est un utilitaire qui permet aux composants JEE d'exprimer leurs besoins en terme de ressources JNDI (DataSource, JMS, URL, Javamail, Host, annuaires, etc.) et de générer automatiquement tous les fichiers de configuration permettant leurs publi

Phpboost - A french CMS to build easily your website

This web application allows every body without any particular knowledge required in webmastering to create his own website. It requires a web server with a remote access. Then you install, configure and use it with your web browser. It's composed by a kernel and modules which can use the little PHPBoost development framework. The structure is like a personal computer's one, with operating system which corresponds to PHPBoost's kernel and different software using the kernel that are modules. It w