COS - Component Operating System

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COS - Component-based Operating System



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Alchemini (LD26)

You are a science nerd that has begun reasearch on alchemy. Because of being teased at school by the quot;popularquot; kids you want to invent a potion that makes you big and strong. As a result of the potion, you shrink down to miniature size and are trapped in your backyard. You must get though obstacles and grow back to size little by little. Theme: Minimalism Made for Ludum Dare 26

Compo-framework - Framework for a GUI application. (under construction)

Provides component-base application design. Suports dynamic application setup. Overview

Marchofthezombies - 2d Zombie shooter made with Python 2.5 and Pygame 1.8

Action-filled 2d Zombie game made in Python 2.5, using Pygame 1.8 Created for the Mini Ludem Dare #14 challange (

K-homeon - Suite d'applications domotique

Le projet K'HomeOn est une suite d'applications Java composée comme suit : - Clients: application J2EE client/serveur, permettant à l'utilisateur de superviser l'ensemble de son installation grâce à un client web ainsi qu'un client lourd (type swing) et JME. - Serveur: application se chargeant de la gestion de l'installation

Isaeminicad - Mini éditeur vectoriel d'objets simples

Mini éditeur vectoriel d'objets simples: Segments, Rectangle, Ellipse, Cercle, Carre. Le but est de créer un éditeur graphique permettant de définir un dessin composé de plusieurs objets graphiques. Chaque objet graphique est désignable et peut être déplacé.

Automatebiosphere - Automate pour la regulation d'un environement

Biosphere est un automate pilotant une interface USB uChameleon sous Linux Pilotage de relai des differents peripheriques Aquisition de donnees provenant de differentes sondes Actuellement Biosphere est composé de 3 applications Hydrosphere : Service Web (XMLRPC-C) Acces a une base de donnée (SQLite) Athmosphere : Interface graphique (GTK) Affichage des plannings des evenements Affichage de graphiques (SVG) Configuration des elements Lithosphere : Execute les evenements planifiés sur le modul


PARIDE (Process-based frAmewoRk for composItion and orchestration of Dynamic E-services) is a set of tools, mainly written in Java, for automatically composing and orchestrating workflows based on Web Service technologies.

Jpropeller - A simple implementation of property objects (Props) as an easier alternative to standar

Jpropeller provides Prop objects that replace the normal JavaBean convention of methods like getName() and setName(). These first-class properties allow for many more features to be implemented easily: Notification of changes anywhere in the data model Calculated properties with efficient cached lazy evaluation Mirroring of data using paths within the data model Automatic UI generation More efficient UI updating via change coalescing Full Model-View system allowing for flexible reuse of UI compo

Ludumdare - Code for running the Ludum Dare game dev compo

Code for running the Ludum Dare game dev compo. Includes wordpress plugins, themes, and other misc code for making the compo happen.