Complex City

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This research presents a software implementation of Mathieu Helie's proposal for managing city growth.



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Google-checkout-perl-sample-code - Perl implementation of Google Checkout

Note: The Perl sample library only supports version 2.0 of the Google Checkout API IntroductionThis project is about using Perl to interact with the Google Checkout payment system. It provides a set of Perl modules which allows you to checkout, send commands, wait and process notifications. DetailsThe code is written entirely in Perl which means no compiler is required for installation. The interface is in OO and the objective is to hide all the complexcity of the checkout flow from the users. T

Cs2335lab2grp1 - georgia tech cs2335 lab 2 group 1

This is where we will store our code for this group class project. Instructions# Edit the provided build file as needed. If you use MSBuild, you will need to download and install the Community Tasks for MSBuild. These will provide you all the Subversion and NUnit tasks. These are available from: . You may also use the Visual Studio generated build file. NUnit is not integrated with Visual Studio, so you will need to use the NUnit GUI to make a project and test it.

complexcity - Data visualization for Shanghai, developed in partnership with USTEUS

Data visualization for Shanghai, developed in partnership with USTEUS


An open source project to support bangla on websites. Generally People have a lots of Trouble while working with bangla fonts in their website because of its complexcity. Its just a easy way to do that.