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Multiplatform C++ libraries. 1. xmt: Portable programming interface to build MultiThreaded (MT) applications or libraries; 2. sockios: interface to sockets (C++ IO streams); 3. StEM: finite state machine/communication framework (communication with ev



Related Projects


Since its creation in 2000, phpBB has become the most widely used Open Source forum solution. With a large and highly customisable set of key features coupled with a standards compliant interface, phpBB will grow with, and complement your website. With millions of installations worldwide, it is no wonder phpBB is one of the most popular ways to create and support a community.

OOo Tools

OOo Tools is a collection of tools that complement OpenOffice. The tools include a Writer properties viewer, a modified word counter, and a bibliography converter.

JSF components

Free JSF-components to complement the existing implementations component set. See for JSR-127 details.

Renegade Tools

Rentools is a set of programs that will complement the renegade mod tools, it will contain programs for extracting stuff from w3d files and other things. Basicly, whatever you cant do with the renegade mod tools amp; that I decide to write.


Monitor contexts and context relations in complex SW stacks

Joda - Money

Joda-Money is a small library providing money and currency classes to complement Java 5 onwards.

PDA/Palm Requirements Management Tool

Rambutan is a set of end-user applications software that assists a system analyst in the gathering and categorization of facts for a requirements specification document. It consists of a handheld application and a desktop complement.


a new, fully object oriented persistence framework for java;client/server, transactional, garbage collected, with persistent versions of the Collection classes, XML export/import, security, it aims to replace (not just complement) relational db solut

PyScripter - Python IDE

PyScripter is a Python Integrated Development Environment (IDE) created with the ambition to become competitive in functionality with commercial Windows-based IDEs available for other languages. Being built in a compiled language is rather snappier than some of the other Python IDEs and provides an extensive blend of features that make it a productive Python development environment.

ajax-chosen - A complement to the jQuery library Chosen that adds ajax autocomplete

A complement to the jQuery library Chosen that adds ajax autocomplete