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e3 = jabber + java + plugins + svg ||| web start link:



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Com-js-heb-calendar - complate javascript hebrew calendar using calendar class (zmanim holiday paras

complate javascript hebrew calendarAfter scrabing few models from the web here is the results Featers : JDate class (clearly usage) Complate data for each date (halachic zmanim ,civil holidays,parasha (Israel,and diaspora(Galut)) ) Code run local no ajax needed zmanim included this halachic times : hanetz,shkia,shaa_zmanit,alot,misheyakir,tzeit shema,tefillah,chatzot,minchag,minchak,plag motzeiShabbat,knissatShabbat to participate in this project please send me a message to add you as member in


rate of complated management system

Laggy-emu - A project to kick start our Emulator contribution.

Our aim is to learn from very basic to as much knowlegde we need in order to complate an emulator. See for more details.

Xnet - java net framwork

Xnetxnet是一个纯java实现的高性能的异步网络框架,�mina的区别是xnet是一个�常轻�级的框架,性能好于mina。 xnet基于网络事件触�回调函数的方��供给开�者使用,使用xnet,�需专注业务逻辑的开�,支�高并�和高���,支�常用的网络�务�置,如读写超时设置�长短连接等�置。 xnet�供以下的回调函数/** * 连接建立回调函数 * * @param readBuf * 请求包 * @param writeBuf *

customizable_template - This is a os project which is complately customizable

This is a os project which is complately customizable

Complate - An HTML-comment based template tool

An HTML-comment based template tool