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Competence will be an expandable information retrieval system. Like the non-free Glimpse/WebGlimpse Competence will index various kinds of documents stored locally or on the web and provide an easy-to-use interface for search and retrieval.



Related Projects

TAC Market Design Competition Platform

JCAT is the platform for TAC Market Design Competition and an ideal tool for experimental mechanism design research. It allows multiple electronic markets to compete against each other, and trading agents, as traders, to move between them.


RottzTV is a business simulation game where you are the programmer of a TV station and have to compete against 2 other stations through selecting the best movies and programs and matching the most profitable ads. A clone/tribute to MadTV (1991).


BogoSec is a utility that calculates source code security quality metrics. A flexible framework interprets the results of existing scanners to compute these metrics. BogoSec is useful to track security quality across releases and competing packages.

The Open MPEG Project

The Open MPEG project aims to create GPL'ed codecs(MPEG-4) for multimedia solutions. Rather than compete with corporations or others, we feel that this project can help all interests come together and work for one unified codec free for everyone's use.


Rockbot is a C irc robot initally based on comstud's Combot. It has gone a long way though. Its version 5 release was widely known in 1996-7 as one of the better (and eaisier to setup) bots. Version 6 goal is to compete with eggdrops, which the author di

Explorers - a game of exploration and trade

a living MMOG in which bands of space explorers compete over finite resources.

Botlab - A distributed bot programming game

Botlab is a distributed bot programming game that simulates competing bots over a distributed network of computers.

Scrabble-competition - Frameworks to support competing scrabble AIs.

A framework for writing AI scrabble players and having them compete against one another. Still under development.

Eclipsecoder - An Eclipse plug-in for competing at the TopCoder online algorithm competition

EclipseCoder is an Eclipse plug-in to be used while competing or practicing at the TopCoder online algorithm competition using either C++ or Java. See for more information.