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Related Projects

Webox - A Python toolkit for web applications.

Web-box is a Python toolkit for web applications using WSGI. This is not a web-framework, at least not in the Python common-sense (i.e.: Django, TurboGears, etc.). This project get some (good) ideas from Struts and Webworks and try to implement them in Python.

Discrete Event Calculus Reasoner

The Discrete Event Calculus Reasoner is an open source program for performing automated commonsense reasoning using the discrete event calculus, a comprehensive and highly usable formalism for reasoning about action, change, space, and mental states.

Edit Revolution

Advanced HTML/ASP/PHP/Perl/CSS/JS editor for Windows (Win32) - suitable for hardcore coders but still friendly and efficient with a common-sense approach.

CommonSense ToolKit

A toolkit for processing and visualising sensor data in real time with support for use with embedded platforms.

Hcis - heuristic container of Intelligent services

HCIS stands for heuristic container of Intelligent services. Heuristic literally means: a commonsense rule (or set of rules) intended to increase the probability of solving some problem It makes sense as HCIS attempts to introduce a programming paradigm for application developers that they can use to build sound, pluggable yet efficient, re-usable, Restful friendly application tiers / applications. Container because it forms and marshals out those services together in one "container". The attemp

Gluenet - A semantic similarity parser--usese wordnet, commonsense, linkparser

Can we detect if two English sentences are similar? Existing methods use WordNet and it's inheritence hierarchy, but how can we combine LinkParser and Commonsense to enrich the system?

Waxphp - Wax PHP Framework

Evolved from the WISP PHP Framework Core (development now discontinued and moved to this project) - it is designed as a rapid prototyping PHP framework that does not require all the hassles of a traditional PHP MVC framework. Wax involves no command-line interaction and uses a control library to build websites. Wax is made possible through the Rensselaer Center for Open Source Software and through the generosity of Mr. Sean O'Sullivan. Getting StartedTake a look at the GettingStarted documentati

Revistapet-ptbr - Tradução da revista PET: Python Entre Todos

Projeto movido para o GitHub Projeto de tradução da resvista PET: Python Entre Todos - ISSN 1853-2071, mantida pela comunidade Python Argentina - PyAr. Esta é a primeira etapa do projeto para tornar a revista aberta a uma chamada global de artigos, em espanhol, inglês e português. Primeira edição (tradução concluída)Editorial: PET First Shot Como você pode contribuir com a PET PyAr, A História from gc import common

Concept-tag-generator - a content tag generator based on ConceptNet

This is a project to automate tag-generation for text contents based on common-sense data of ConceptNet. In higher view, our approach follows: Text parsing Spot keywords Spot conceptual words, ignore stopwords etc.. Use of ConceptNet Focus on “concepts� of the content Correlated concepts -- semantic distance Generalization of concepts -- categorization + intersecting tags Use of Natural Language Toolkit(nltk) and WordNet Use of Divisi Category prediction There is a paper report about the pro