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Reflection utilities. Provides faster implementations of java.lang.reflect.Proxy Code hosted at



Related Projects

Apache Commons BeanUtils - Commons BeanUtils

BeanUtils provides an easy-to-use but flexible wrapper around reflection and introspection.


FXImageView is a class designed to simplify the application of common visual effects such as reflections and drop-shadows to images, and also to help the performance of image loading by handling it on a background thread.

Easyme - Simple Java ME framework

Simple Java ME framework.Main featuresvery lightweight MVC framework simple logging reflection alternative serialization common utility classes (StringUtils, Properties, ResourceBundle, etc.)

Print-properties-dotnet - Util DLL to print Class Properties

Like ReflectionToStringBuilder in Apache org.apache.commons.lang.builder

BadKid Core Library

C# Utilities ranging over Maths, Collections, Artificial Intellegence, Data, IO, Reflection, Validation, Dictionary, Random Generators. Many commonly found utilities but managed into a coherant form.

Tostringbuilder - ToStringBuilder for .net

like commons-lang/ToStringBuilder :example code public override string ToString() { return ToStringBuilder.ToString(this); }

Markutils - Common swing & reflection classes.

13/12/2010: This project was renamed as "Towel" and can be found in The old changelog was in: In some time, this deprecated project going to be deleted, any new changes gonna be made over the new project.

Modjs - Apache Module for executing Server-Side JavaScript

Goals: Able to generate content in CommonJS JavaScript Able to write Apache Modules in JavaScript, including full reflection of request_rec etc. Able to write an Apache Module in JavaScript which implements JSGI Able to run Juice framework from JSGI module mod_js is more like mod_perl and less like mod_php, and requires GPSEE,

Phloc-types - Type abstraction layer for Java type system

Provides an abstraction layer for certain elements of the Java type system. 1. By using reflection (beans) 2. By using generically typed Java objects using internal casting and type conversion Depends on phloc-commons and optionally on phloc-datetime. YourKit is kindly supporting open source projects with its full-featured Java Profiler. YourKit, LLC is the creator of innovative and intelligent tools for profiling Java and .NET applications. Take a look at YourKit's leading software products: Yo

Bean2sql - SQL generator for lazy developers. Gives your bean and receives

Java beans persistence is commonly performed by making use of JDBC and SQL statements. When beans or tables metadata is changed, all of the SQL statements must match these changes. Yuck! Get rid of such tedious task and take a look at Bean2SQL. Bean2SQL is an easy to use Java framework with no glue codes that eliminates up to 99% of SQL statements refactoring. SQL statements are generated based on a given bean which is scanned by reflection.No pain! No magic strings!