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The Commons-jdk15 is a project focused on all aspects of reusable Java components (Utilities and Facilities).



Related Projects

Granule-closure-compiler - Closure Compiler for JDK1.5

DescriptionVersion of Google Closure Compiler compatible with JDK1.5 It is a JavaScript optimizing compiler. It parses your JavaScript, analyzes it, removes dead code and rewrites and minimizes what's left. It also checks syntax, variable references, and types, and warns about common JavaScript pitfalls. Where to useFor Legacy projects where you can't use Java6. For Granule Tag project to make your web application available on JDK1.5 and higher.

Jcachezen - Self contained implementation of jcache based on jdk 1.5.x

Self nearly contained implementation of jcache based on jdk 1.5.xWe are just getting started.Other implementations we've found depend on a miriad other open-source and sometimes non-commercial user only projects (EDU.oswego for instance).We wish to create an moderately efficient self contained implementation using only the capabilities supplied by the JDK and jakarta Commons. Jakarta has a non-compliant implementation of JSR-107 if compliance is not a concern.

Blaisemath - mathematics library with visualizations

Blaise is a collection of Java libraries for visualizing and exploring mathematics. See for several sample mathlets created using the package. To download the source code and get started working with the code, see GettingStarted. Core Librariessource code under trunk/ BlaiseGraphics: graphics utility library for creating custom interactive graphics on a JComponent (JDK 1.5+, no dependencies) BlaiseParser: parsing engine (JDK 1.5+, no dependen

Projectflogger - Simple logging API which sucks less.

Flogger: Simple logging API which sucks less. Replaces log4j, logback, JDK logging, Commons Logging, Simple Logging Facade (SLF4J), and SimpleLog. Flogger has many attractive features: Very low overhead when logging is disabled Leverages JDK 1.5's language features Unlimited levels Simple configuration Super simple API User Manual

Jvmnotebook - JVM Notebook - Cookbook examples of JVM language code (JRuby, Jython, Scala, ABCL)

The Java Virtual Machine ( Sun's JVM is called HotSpot ) is a java bytecode interpreter which is fast, portable and secure. Jython, JRuby, Scala, ABCL (Common Lisp) are popular language implementations that run on the JVM that allow for the jvmcookbook sugar of their particular languages. This project contains multiple sub-projects and code demos related to those jvm language implementations. keywords: java, general java, j2ee, clojure, scala, abcl, jruby, gwt, apache wicket, spring View the JVM

Friendfeed-java - A Java implementation of the FriendFeed API

Implements the FriendFeed API. The release is made available as a download but also in a maven2 repository. When you are building with Maven2 add this repository to your list of repositories: <repository> <id>bmbo-repo</id> <url></url></repository>add the following dependency: <dependency> <groupId>com.googlecode.friendfeed</groupId> <artifactId>friendfeed-java</artifactId> <version>${friendfeed-java.version}</version></dependency>the current version is 0.9.0: <properti

Javakiva - A Java wrapper for the Kiva API

What is JavaKiva?JavaKiva is an Open Sourced Java Wrapper for the Kiva API. How to use JavaKivaTo set up JavaKiva for usage in your environment simply grab the source files for now and compile them yourself (a jar file will soon be available on this site). You will also need the following libraries (at a minimum, the versions I have mentioned are recommended, since I haven't tested with older versions): commons-beanutils-1.8.0.jar ( comm

Squiggle-sql - Squiggle SQL Builder for Java

Squiggle is a little Java library for dynamically generating SQL SELECT statements. It's sweet spot is for applications that need to build up complicated queries with criteria that changes at runtime. Ordinarily it can be quite painful to figure out how to build this string. Squiggle takes much of this pain away. The code for Squiggle is intentionally clean and simple. Rather than provide support for every thing you could ever do with SQL, it provides support for the most common situations and a

Google-rfc-2445 - A java implementation of RFC 2445 (ical) recurrence rules

RFC 2445 describes a scheme for calendar interoperability.This project implements core parts of RFC 2445 including a parser for recurrence rules, and date lists, and a mechanism for evaluating recurrence rules. See the javadoc for known issues and caveats. For questions and the occasional answer, join the user & developer group. Features:evaluates recurrence rules that don't occur more frequently than daily evaluates groups of recurrence rules and handles exceptions Support for Joda-time dates a

Jbusycomponent - JBusyComponent 1.2.2 : Enhance any swing components with a &quot;busy&quot; state

Enhance any swing components with a busy state JBusyComponent works as follow: Provide a BusyModel that allow you to maintain and control busy properties for your component. A view that is the enhanced component that can now be busy An UI for render by overlay the busy state BusyIcon for smart and simple to use icon that can render a progress bar Extrapolate remaining time on determinate task Provide a BusySwingWorker for an easier integration with SwingWorker tasks (new in v1.2.2) The BusyModel