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The Commons-IoC project is a light-weight, framework independant, addition to the Contextual Inversion of Control pattern. Context IOC is Inversion of Control at its purest - just a pattern for design without any baggage.



Related Projects

Windows Phone 7 Extension Tools

This toolset coded in C# currently contains a Windows Phone 7 IoC (Compact Container port with the Common Service Locator desktop port) and DI framework for Windows Phone and Silverlight. This allows true implementation of the MVVM pattern for your Silverlight applications.


A rapid/high performance/distributed/ORM framework based on .NET 2.0. V3 of NBear is a super big re-design based on the experience of V2, which reserves the IoC and Web module of V2 and bring a new ORM (in NBear.Common/NBear.Common.Design and NBear.Data) Now hosted at http://s...


DContainer is a common dependency injection adapter for the popular IoC container.

Streets - One modular based components-oriented framework for rapid web development with Java.

Streets is a well designed, lightweight, modular based, components-oriented, rapid web development framework. Streets using tapestry5-ioc(with little modify) as it's ioc container, and using wicket as it's UI layer, all benifits from wicket will be over there as well. Streets include streets-commons, streets-context, streets-database, streets-wicket, streets-eis sub-modules as default. Streets is very easy to use, you can take it as a replacement of Struts/Spring framework, and streamly enhancem

Whitebox - Whitebox is an IoC Container Profiler

What is Whitebox?Whitebox is a profiler for the Autofac IoC container. Why should I care?Building applications with IoC is a joy. We can focus on the immediate requirements of individual components, and the IoC container does the drudge work of assembling the complete application. While many of us agree that these advantages vastly outweigh the disadvantages, there are very real challenges that we still need to overcome: The IoC container is a black box: once the application reaches non-trivial

Nfroggy - Validator framework for .net development

Toy project for learn TDD, DDD, Rhino Mocks and IoC. The central ideia of all API is: be simple, but be util and let me be complicated if I want. To validations, the purpose is develop a simple but powerful interface to simple validations but fully extensive to custom and more complex validations. To data access, lets simplify the common, without cut the flexibility of ADO.NET This project is made by 3 main funcionalities: Validator DbCommandUtil Scope Got to the Start wiki page for more details

Padrino - Padrino is an Inversion Of Control (IOC) container writtten in PHP based an the Dependency

The purpose of Padrino is the automatic wiring of services will enforcing clean separation and reuse of common classes without the needs of meta data. Container support: - Typed and non-typed constructor dependencies - Circular references detection - Multiple repository locations - Hierarchical containers Available components include: - Configuration based on JSON format - Logger - PHP error management - Smarty templating - HTTP request processing, URL translation - Lang, arrays, date, file, HTT

Gwtoolbox - A collection of modules to help developing mean and lean GWT applications

GWToolboxWelcome to the GWToolbox project. The GWToolbox project provides a collection of modules to help developers create robust web 2.0 / Ajax applications using the Google Web Toolkit (GWT). Current modulesCurrently the following modules are provided: gwtoolbox-commons: A library with common utility classes which are used by other modules and can also be used by other GWT applications. This collection of utilities is largely based on common Java Open Source projects (e.g. Spring, apache comm

VSTO Contrib

VSTO Contrib is a collection of useful helper classes and extensions which make it easier to write better VSTO apps. The goals of VSTO Contrib are currently: - Provide IoC support - Make it easier to deal with COM Interop - Simplify common tasks (i.e. Item Synch in O...

T-2 - The WEB Connector -simple annotation based web framework for real developer-

T2(or T2framework) is our flagship framework and is an annotation-based simple web framework for real developer. Specialized with connecting to web and handling http request well(it's do-one-thing-well policy), T2 handles several Web2.0 request, such as XmlHttpRequest, SOAP and several formats like JSON, XML, AMF, and offcourse, T2 handles classic http request. On the other hand, Lucy is a simple and light weight IoC container with AOP. It is not like Spring, but Lucy has almost all features tha