Common Library

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Free Opensource C++ Multiplatform Library that contains a lots of everyday used classes and functions. Classes String, Path, File, Optimized(cached) File. IDBEX simple Database Engine. Windows-specific controls and classes like Splash, BrowseForFolder and



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Common-utils - a package of common utilities used by

OverviewThis common utilities package includes a set of java classes for logging, configuration, database, date, etc. common-utils Goalcomming soon. Releasescomming soon. Project Dependencycomming soon.


公用类库 C#语言开发

Accountnote - account house hold

This program is made for google app engine. This program is account house hold but only spend not income. Because I don't want input all day and I don't necesary caluculate collectly 1 yen. This program display total cost of each category of span you want, and graph each category percent and graph track each category or all. And memo of the day. Directory tree main program app.yaml configuration google app engine(you shoud make it for your account) index.yaml index.yaml(generated

Iphone-common-lib - iPhone平�的公用代�库,包括UI,线程,网络,xml解�等�个

1�代�下载方�和地�: 方法一�使用svn命令; svn checkout iphone-common-lib-read-only 方法二�使用�视化svn工具: 将 地�checkout��。 2�代�实例: 例如: //振动设备 void vibrateDevice() { AudioServicesPlaySystemSound(kSystemSoundID_Vibrate); } 3�查看�代�: 选择此网页的第五个选项� Source��。

CommonLib - 公共的组件


vbts-CommonLibs - The CommonLibs portion of the OpenBTS project

The CommonLibs portion of the OpenBTS project


OpenBTS P2.8: CommonLibs