Common utilities for .NET

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Common utilities for .NET developers



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C# Base Media File Format Library

C# parser libraries and tools for a variety of common media containers including MP4, MOV, ISMV, 3GP, DCF, JP2, MJ2, M21, DVB, F4V and TS.

Deap - Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms in Python

DEAPDEAP is intended to be an easy to use distributed evolutionary algorithm library in the Python language. Its two main components are modular and can be used separately. The first module is a Distributed Task Manager (DTM), which is intended to run on cluster of computers. The second part is the Evolutionary Algorithms in Python (EAP) framework. ComponentsDTMDTM is a distributed task manager that is able to spread workload over a buch of computers using a TCP or a MPI connection. DTM include

Gaussianprocess - the study of gaussian process

The project aims at studying gaussian process and extending its application to chemometrics, chemoinformatics and bioinformatics. Some commonly used websites:1: 2: 3: 4: 5: Inforamtion theory inference and learning algorithms can be downloaded:

Uec-pack - UEC-Pack: Ubuntu Emergency Codec Pack

An emergency multimedia codec pack for Ubuntu. It is an alternative way to install common codecs, specially for the PCs which do not have any Internet access. After installing this pack you will be able to play audios and videos of several common formats. Update - 2 Nov 2009 UEC-Pack is now available in three sizes: 1. UEC-Pack 9.10.0b (Skinny)Size: 775KB Compatibility: Ubuntu 9.10 Soupported formats: Audio: MP3 (only) Video: MPG (only) Suitable for: Emergency Download from Pay Per KB Mobile int

Cricketgame - game

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