The Combustion Flame Engine

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A collection of fractal flame software.



Related Projects


This is a firmware project of free electronic fuel injection electronic control unit for internal combustion engine. FreeECU is capable of measuring sensors analog, digital, digital frequency and inductive crankshaft pick-up signals.

Diesel10 - Gestion de Estacion de Servicios de Combustibles

Sistema que permite controlar la gestion interna de una Estacion de Servicios de expendio de combustibles.

Bighetticonsumo - jConsumo

Calcular a média de consumo de combustível do veículo.

Postomobile - Automação Mobile para Postos de Combustíveis

Algumas funcões automatizadas via celular para postos de combustíveis com integração com sistemas legados via web services ou com ação intrusiva configurável.

Openfoam - OpenFOAM Lernen

Hallo zusammen! Herzlich willkommen bei OpenFOAM. Hier können wir innerenhalb unserer Gruppe OpenFOAM zusammen lernen und diskutieren! Danke für Ihres Besuchen!

Combustd - cross platform toolkit for ambx and compatible devices

To combust; the act or process of burning. Combustion is usually found together with high releases of light. The upsideSadly Ambx doesn't provide drivers for software on other platforms then Windows at the moment. Combustd seeks to create a platform for developers and hobbyists to create their own ambient experiences. A platform where you aren't limited by the platform of the supplier. Imagine a lighting experience on your mac, linux, bsd or even windows machine only by running a little helper a