Colour Lovers .NET

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A .NET library for the Colour Lovers API.



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Colourloversphp - PHP Client Library to the API

DescriptionEasy to use PHP client library to the API. Getting StartedDownload ColourLovers.php Create a PHP file on your web server: <?phprequire('ColourLovers.php'); // Include the library$c = new ColourLovers; // Create the ColourLovers objectprint_r($c->color('0099FF')); // Run a query and print results/*The above code will produce this result:Array( [color] => Array ( [id] => 1602 [title] => dell.light blue [userName] => COLOURlover [numViews] => 4992 [numVotes] => 0 [numCom

Ascolourlovers - ColourLovers API for ActionScript 3

This library provides all the tools needed to bring palettes, colors, patterns and more from the ColourLovers API in your AS3 projects.

Colorlib - Color library for Processing.

colorLibcolorLib is a library for Processing. You can use this library for importing color palettes from .act or .cs files or create color palettes from images. You can also query webservices like Kuler and ColourLovers so you can use the color palettes from those websites in your Processing sketches. TutorialsAn Introduction to colorLib Using Kuler in Processing with colorLib Creating Gradients with colorLib Random Color Palettes with colorLib - + colourlovers + colourlovers

ColorPicker - DHTML Color Picker by COLOURlovers

DHTML Color Picker by COLOURlovers


A simplistic COLOURlovers interface.

clover-roulette - Generate color schemes from COLOURlovers palettes.

Generate color schemes from COLOURlovers palettes.

Colour-Lovers-PHP - PHP Library to the API

PHP Library to the API