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Colossus is a Java clone of the boardgame Titan, a turn-based fantasy wargame for 2-6 players. Each player moves stacks of creatures around a strategic board, recruiting more creatures and fighting enemy stacks on tactical maps.



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Slugathon is clone of the out-of-print Avalon Hill fantasy wargame Titan, written in Python. It will support network play, as well as play against AI opponents. Slugathon is a rewrite of Colossus (, using Python instead of Java.

Soundtrack - World of Warcraft addon to customize in-game music

IntroductionEver get tired of World of Warcraft's default music? Soundtrack lets you change the game's music to your liking. You can customize various in-game events using your own mp3s, using an easy to use interface. Here's some example how users are using Soundtrack: Lord of the Rings music while in Elwynn Forrest Indiana Jones score while in Uldaman Neverending Story when flying on a hippogryph Shadow of the Colossus music when you encounter bosses Metal Gear Solid music when you're attacked

sotc - Shadow Of The Colossus file extractor/converter

Shadow Of The Colossus file extractor/converter

Colossus-Order - This is one website for colossus-order tcg.

This is one website for colossus-order tcg.

colossus - 百度贴吧爬虫



3D graphics and game engine


Dormin is a character animation player/geometry viewer/audio decoder for Shadow of the Colossus game. This is a clone of the main repo at


A simple framework for MMO that is supposed to work both in browser and server (Node.js)

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