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colorForth is, in Chuck Moore's own words: quot;A dialect of Forth that uses color to replace punctuation. Includes its own operating system. Produces extremely compact programs. Instant compile from pre-parsed source.quot;



Related Projects

Reda4 - programming language derived from colorforth

:r4Originally by PHREDA (2005) now have a group Programming Language for the WINE and WINCE platform: forth-like language to program computers. uses prefixes to guide compiler behavior, like colorForth but without colors..a colorless colorforth. has a VM, editor, games, programming samples. has a basic compiler for FASM asembler IDE is in progress Screenshots

Durexforth - Minimalist C64 Forth

Half-minimalist C64 Forth inspired by colorForth, JONESFORTH and Blazin' Forth. Direct threaded for simplicity. Project includes a vi clone written in Forth.

Rainbow Forth

Rainbow Forth is an implementation of the colorForth dialect of the Forth programming language designed to run under Linux or Windows.

Vf-plugins - VentureForth plugins

This started as a place for user supported plug ins to the VentureForth compiler. The compiler belongs to IntellaSys, who distributes it at However, despite public appearances, the technology is now being supported by Green Arrays, Inc, who distributes the compiler as arrayForth (a variant if colorForth). The code here is. ever so slowly, being converted to this new environment. The 1st step, is an extension to a disassembler called ciasdis that converts the file

Pusdesris - A place to put a collection of mini-projects.

Verilog Rooibos3d - A 3d rasterization project. C Lambda-C - A C superset with high level features. KILLED, not enough time D Dglut - A library made to isolate needless complexity for graphics programming. Returnless - My entry into the Siemens and Intel competitions, it didn't win anything, but it is a rather interesting esolang. Yage3d - Yet another game engine. (LGPL) L2bot framework - A framework I made to program the 2008 l2bot with linux. (GPL v2) Sherical - A spherical geometry demonstrat

colors - colorForth meets Retro

colorForth meets Retro

naclforth - Colorforth for NativeClient

Colorforth for NativeClient


colorForth for Mac OS X

blk2html - Converts colorForth .blk files to html.

Converts colorForth .blk files to html.

array-forth-mode - An Emacs mode for editing arrayForth and colorForth.

An Emacs mode for editing arrayForth and colorForth.