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:colon is a web suite / CMPS written in the language php. It is going to be composed of several parts, each talking with each other. It is going to start with a blogging system. It will propably use the phpDB database API.




Related Projects


FreeCol is an open version of Colonization. It is a Civilization-like game in which the player has to conquer the new world.


Galaxy is a free play by email interstellar wargame for multiple players. The object of the game is to conquer the galaxy by colonizing and developing uninhabited planets and attacking neighboring races.

Free Space Colonization

FSC is a game of colonization, research, diplomacy and trade. A 4X approach.It is played on randomly generated maps, the aim is to build an empire and rule most of the galaxy. For rule details see the project docs. It needs SDL and OpenGL to run.

Fcca - Free Conquest & Colonization of America

Remake of the old fantastic game Colonization, from Microprose, where the goal is to build a colony in America, and to make this colony grow big enough to be able to fight its independence from the mother country. Check http://fcca.sourceforge.net/ for the official website.

Stellarconquest - 2D persistent online multiplayer space colonization and combat game

A 2D persistent online multiplayer space colonization and combat game inspired by Stellar Emperor (Megawars III).

Rubymars - A real time stragtegy game based on the colonization of Mars

A Mars RTS game that will be a 3D "Civilization" meets "The Settlers" in space!

Moopy - A turn based space colonization game.

IntroductionMoopy will be a game of space domination and colonization for multiple platforms using python and pyGame. It is currently under heavy development, and is showing signs of progress. How you can helpMoopy is in dire need of graphics and other content. If you are or know an artist that would be interested please e-mail Chris.Statzer@gmail.com The project is also in need of programmers. A basic knowledge of python and pygame should be enough to hit the ground running.

Space Opera

Space Opera is a space colonization game similar to 'Master of Orion' or 'Galactic Civilizations'. You can explore the universe, colonize planets, fight aliens and research technologies. Images were created with Povray and Terragen.


A game based on one of Microprose`s best sellers, Colonization. This is an open project that carries the idea to create a strategy game with elements of adventure that`s set in the world during the colonization era (1492-1830).

Pycol - PyCol: A colonisation game in Python.

PyCol is a game you can play between humans or against computer. Our strange sense of humour made us call our program PyCol, in reference to the French word "pycole" (but don't take us as drunks!) In Pycol you are a colon reorganising a valley close of Lima in Peru, each time you close a structure (forest, plain, river) you gain a certain amount of points. The player who possesses the more points at the end of the game win.