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Business system for small or medium sized businesses using EJB 3, Ajax, MySQL



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Colombo-phone-guide - Lists down phone numbers of colombo

This android app lists down important phone numbers necessary to survive in colombo including hotels, police, cinema etc.

Appengine-sitemap - Appengine Sitemap

Google Appengine Sitemap The Modified version of see the example usage , Colombo Stock Exchange -

Ssolution - Sistema Administrativo de Provedor Smart Solution TI

Sistema Administrativo de Provedor Smart Solution TIGerenciador do provedor Smart Solution Tecnologia da Informação. A Smart Solution Tecnologia da Informação Ltda. disponibiliza conexões banda larga de Internet via rádio, para condomínios, edifícios e residências, atuando em Curitiba e Colombo, no Paraná. Objetivos do projetoGerenciamento de: Provedores Clientes Planos Contratos Serviços Cobrança Emissão de boletos Configuração de servidores Mikrotik BrazilFW Tecnologias utilizad

Mashup-paolo-colombo-pippo - RSS Feed

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Swan-image-presenter - Swan Image Presenter

Swan Image PresenterSwan image presenter is free to use. Developed as project for the masters degree by the postgraduate student of university of colombo school of computing.

Openerc - openERC - Ethics Review Committee Document Management System

Around the world research is reviewed by institutional research ethics committees for ethical acceptability prior to commencement of research. The ethics review committee of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo has been in the forefront of development research ethics review in Sri Lanka. To meet to the increasing demand for document management in an orderly and transparent manner the committee has decided to develop a Web Based Open Source Ethics Review Committee Document Management Sy

Bepicolombo - This is the issue tracking system for Bepi Colombo

Enter all the issues you find along the AIT/AIV developmentIssues have to be entered into the Issues tab along the top. Documents and other resources might be available in the Downloads tab. Check it out often!

Autobonny - Car Sale Company Application

The site for who needs to buy vehicles online and they can find available vehicles and reserve and order