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A Java 1.5 port of the commons-collections sub-project of the Apache Jakarta Commons project.



Related Projects


plausj a collection of checksum algorithms used to validate business keys like bank account codes or credit card numbers. It's compiled as JVM bytecode files (although it's not necessarily implemented in Java) and can be used on JRE 1.5 and later.

JavaDoc Taglet Collection

The Taglet Collection is set of general pupose taglets for use with the JavaDoc tool. It provides a standard set of new tags and allows to create new ones by configuration or using simple Java interfaces. Tested with J2SE 1.4, 1.5 and JavaSE 1.6.


Tool for monitoring Sybase products (ASE, RS, IQ, RAO) Supported versions : ASE : from to 15.7 RS : from 12.6 to 15.7 IQ : from 12.6 to 15.4 RAO : from 12.5 to 15.5 Two components : - asemon_logger : the java agent which collects indicators and archive them in a database - asemon_report : the web client, written in PHP, used to query the indicator's database (use quot;Filesquot; menu to download this component) See :

G15jabber - G15 LCD communication framework

Using XS0's API, this code is to write a set of interface routines for the G15 keyboard, conceptually similar to the G15 toolkit available in C++. The toolkit adds a screen collection object, then a set of abstract classes which can be mapped to text, images, shapes, etc. and used in a java2d context.

Garbagecollectioncomparison - An exploration of runtime issues with GC across languages

Garbage Collection is implemented vary differently in different languages. This project seeks to have a test bed, or at least examples, of different performance characteristics of garbage collector flavors in various languages, particularly C# .NET and Java (1.5 and above)

Scjppractice - Classes to practice the Java language to pass the SCJP 5 exam

Collection of classes to prepare the Sun Certified Java Programmer. Some java languages details are easier to understand with examples. These classes are free to use, to modify and distribute (GPL).

Blaisemath - mathematics library with visualizations

Blaise is a collection of Java libraries for visualizing and exploring mathematics. See for several sample mathlets created using the package. To download the source code and get started working with the code, see GettingStarted. Core Librariessource code under trunk/ BlaiseGraphics: graphics utility library for creating custom interactive graphics on a JComponent (JDK 1.5+, no dependencies) BlaiseParser: parsing engine (JDK 1.5+, no dependen

Java-heaps - High-performance implementations of various flavors of heaps in pure Java 5.0

This package currently contains binary, binomial, Fibonacci, pairing, skew, and leftist implementations. The heaps have been carefully crafted to interact with the Java Collections API and throughly tested (with JUnit) for industrial strength robustness. The first version of this package is now available for download on Google Code! The download area includes a pre-built JAR (built against Java 1.5), as well as tarballs for the source and javadocs.

Qvoipm - A VOIP QOS Server

QVoip.m is a Voice over IP Quality of Service database server. It aims to collect as much data about voip calls sended from special voip clients. The Qvoip-m database access is written in mysql, the logic application is written in java, and there is a php/html/css web interface to view the server data. requirements: java jvm 1.5 or later mysql database server apache, php, php-mysql and phplot

Chain-termite - a java library for collections manipulation in builder style manner

There are many libraries for making the life easier with lists, from standard Java Collections to guava and lambdaj. Well, guess what? Here is yet another one. Unlike the other projects of this kind, termite aims at providing a developer with an easy, builder style collection manipulation pattern, where the number of parentheses in the end is limited to the strict minimum by chaining the operations via the dot. This approach also allows to let the IDE do the great job in proposing you the only o