Colle: The glue of good web applications

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Colle is the glue of a properly designed web application. It is written on several popular technologies of the Java and XML world including Servlet API, EJB 2.0, XSLT, JDBC, XML Schema, jdom, JAXP and others.



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Blitzcoderide - CollIDE - An IDE for BlitzMax

CollIDECollIDE is an IDE for the programming language BlitzMax. It was started to have a usable IDE on Linux and Max OSX-Platforms, but it also runs on windows. CollIDE ist completely written in Java and requires a Java-Runtime-Environment Version 6. CollIDE was started in November 2007 and is still very unstable. Please report bugs and help me to improve the application. Some Features:Fast syntax-highlighting for BlitzMax, XML, Ini, C and many other languages CodeFolding Fast BlitzMax-Parser wi

Gcnotifier - Simple tool to register for notifications when specific objects have been garbage colle

Objects registered with the GCNotifier can be observed. Observers will be notified when those objects have been garbage collected by the JVM.

Ex10 - Compilation of X10 language , first translating into Java and then executing through XVM(coll

here eX10(experimental X10 codes) are converted to Java codes and then it will be run through XVM(Java VM collaborated with JikesRVM)

Subeautifuler - Perl tool to fix subtitles (encoding, overlaps, gaps, typography...)

This tools manipulates SRT subtitles (mainly french subtitles.) Main functionalities: counts syllabes and lengthen captions accordingly detects overlaps and shorten captions accordingly joins captions of split sentences rounds captions timings (1/50 sec) fixes french typography (ellipse, guillemets , tiret d'incise, oe collés, ...) produces both iso8859 and utf8 SRT files produces both tag and notag SRT files automatic versioning See Manual page for further details.

Flexserverlib - Server-Side Extensions For Adobe Flex

This project attempts to serve as a common repository for both new functionality for the server-side of Adobe Flex applications and extensions to BlazeDS. ComponentsMailAdapter - A Flex Messaging Adapter for sending email from a Flex / AIR application. SpringJmsAdapter - An adapter for sending and receiving of messages through a Spring configured JMS destination EJBAdapter - An adapter allowing the invocation of EJB methods via remote object calls dpHibernate - A mechanism for passing lazy colle

SPTU - SharePoint Tools and Utilities

This project is a package of utilities and tools for SharePoint Developers and Administrators. Developers view Tools to generate some code to accomplish common development tasks on SharePoint. Administrators view It's intended to make easier to administer SharePoint Site Colle...

Gorragorragore - Llama cruelty

Beat'em up student project. Collège Bart 2010

Phpbloomfilter - PHP port of CPAN's Bloom::Filter

This is an attempted port of Maciej Ceglowski's CPAN's Bloom::Filter to PHP. Source: CPAN Bloom:Filter page From CPAN Description: A Bloom filter is a probabilistic algorithm for doing existence tests in less memory than a full list of keys would require. The tradeoff to using Bloom filters is a certain configurable risk of false positives. This module implements a simple Bl