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collabREate is an Ida Pro plugin and remote server component designed to facilitate collaborative reverse engineering and synchronization of database content across differing versions of Ida Pro.



Related Projects

Xml-collab - Team collabration with XML

Java based application for team collabration. It use XML to transfer data between server and client.

Orangeagentsystem - It is designed to provide a Agent to host her/his services over internet

This is the Online Open service portal. which collabrates abple amount of servise over one place.

Patchwork-editor - A real-time collabrative solution for editing source code.

Patchwork Editor is a real-time collabrative editor for source code. Currently this project uses Mobwrite for sync, svn for document management and archiving, and uses the Gedit editor for user interface. This project is currently a Gedit plugin, but may expand at a later date (e.g. make webbased)

Py-get - Python Package-Managment system for Mac OS X

Py-Get is package-management system for Mac OS X setup specifically for the updating and installing of aperio-collabrative packages Screenshot: Installation see Installation Page Dependencies see Dependencies Page

Pcitcredo - first j2ee collabrating project

first j2ee collabrating project ------å�„ä½�注æ„�,以å�Žå�„ç§�问题请在Issuesæ�¿å�—å�šè®°å½•ï¼Œå…¶ä»–人å�¯ä»¥åˆ°Issuesæ�¿å�—对æ��出的问题进行解答ï¼� ------框架部分的物ç�†æ¨¡åž‹å·²æ›´æ–°è‡³1.0.1,最新版本的pdmå·²ç»�放在downloads里é�¢äº†ï¼Œå¤§å®¶å�¯ä»¥ä¸‹è½½ä¸‹æ�¥ç›´æŽ¥ç”Ÿæˆ�sql脚本(针对oracle 10g) ------issue部分更新了对于mvn appfuse:gen-modelçš„é…�置和使用方法,使用该æ�’件å�¯ä»¥æ–¹ä¾¿åœ°å°†æ•°æ�®åº“table对象å��å�‘工程为pojo ------æ•

Collabrowse - Collabrative Browsing

IntroductionCollabrative browsing by integrating two way (push and pull) communication between browsers.Allows n Number of people in a group to browse together.A hack which relies on xmpp for cummunication.The hack uses xmpp4moz , samplace and greasemonkey plugins.This is to demonstrate that collabrative browsing is possible without a server proxy.Infact no server side coding is used at all ! DetailsStatus: Currently just a hack not readily usable A frameless fully usable version to be released

Write-a-story - Collabrative story writing website.

--This is a little bit outdated-- You know that game that people sometimes play at camp where you sit in a circle and someone says a word and then the next person says a word to continue a story and you keep going around until you have a story, imagine that in a website. It would be the Wikipedia of funny, random stories. Instead of submitting a single word, each user would submit a sentence or paragraph. Each user would be able to vote to publish a story when he/she think it is done, enough vot

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