Cooperative Linux

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Cooperative Linux is the first method for optimally running Linux on Windows and other operating systems natively. It is a port of the Linux kernel and support code that allows it to run cooperatively without emulation along with another operating system.



Related Projects


Run an openMosix cluster under Windows and Linux. coMosix is the mix of coLinux, openMosix and some other linux hack to create an easy to use clustering solution. coMosix provides a simple (silent-)installer that can be quot;thrownquot; over a Windows Network!

Kernel Emulation on Windows

Kernel Emulation on Windows allows you to run x86 Linux native binaries under MS-Windows. No recompiling is required. The goal is to be able to run your favorite distro without dual-booting or using emulation products such as Vmware, Qemu or coLinux

Fedora-colinux - Fully function Linux VM running on Windows XP and VISTA based on coLinux and Fedora

Fedora coLinux is a fully function virtual Linux machine which runs in Windows-XP and Windows-Vista systems as co-operative guest operating system. It is based on the elegant coLinux virtual machine. The feature which is different about Fedora coLinux is that is it perhaps the first coLinux based distribution which is both fully functional in terms of networking and GUI interfaces (both KDE and Gnome are offered) and can be easily intalled "out of the box" by a relative novice. The system has be

colinux-images - coLinux image generation scripts

coLinux image generation scripts


A copy from svn plugin branch 1.4


Fork of the sfFormExtraPlugin symfony plugin, with small fixes for jQuery >= 1.7