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CoffeeMud is a text-based fantasy Virtual Reality engine (a MUD). It is a mature, full-featured Java codebase. It includes web (HTTP) and email (SMTP) servers, chat (IMC2 and I3) and web clients, and supports ANSI, MXP, and MSP.



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Paza - Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Apocalypse MUD

This is the 'Google Code' page for the work-in-progress MUD titled the 'Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Apocalypse MUD'. The MUD runs on a CoffeeMUD Java MUDlib. The owner and sole coder is Timothy McDowell. Host/port: Status: On and off as I work on it. Contact:

Soulrivenmud - Soul'Riven Mud

A retooled version of Coffeemud Version 5_5_2. Any changes are original code. Coffeemud 5.5.2 is the property of Bo Zimmers.


Ewok is a MUD server based on the CoffeeMUD game engine.

coffee-mud - A MUD in CoffeeScript and Node.js

A MUD in CoffeeScript and Node.js

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