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[coffee-soft] A platform for Collaborative Discussion in classroom, i.e. face-2-face. CoFFEE (Collaborative Face2Face Educational Environment) offers several collaborative tools, and applications to design, guide and implement a session with students



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Sydo is a Symbian application that helps you do mundane tasks on your smartphone at lightning speed. no new GUI to learn, no clicking around looking for the right buttons a plain text box to input your command type in your command, press a button, Sydo takes care of rest written in Python, is extensible plugin based architecture, you can add features to the app in no time, reinstall not required. How To UseInstall, set the application shortcut on desktop or on one of the soft-keys, run app and t

Coffee-streamingtool - This tool allows within a CoFFEE session to stream a video (or a webcam) to a

The streaming tool is a tool of CoFFEE (Cooperative Face2Face Educational Environment) that is available at It allows streaming a video (or webcam) to all the learners that are connected to the server, during a CoFFEE session. For more information about CoFFEE also consul Help and InformationStreaming Tool has been developed by Gerardo Lombardo as a prototype for the Master Thesis in Computer Science, at the ISISLab, Dip

Canoetripjuly2010 - Canoe trip materials list, menu, and mom chirps

Leaving Sunday July 4th at approximately 5-6am. Length of travel: 3.5-4hrs, + ~40 mins for materials pick up (canoes, lifejackets, paddles), + ~30 mins to launch point #9 Rock Lake. Louisa Lake Day 1: 4-5hr paddle Rock Lake to Louisa Lake: 2-3hr paddle between lakes UNDER EVERY ITEM, ADD YOUR NAME AND HOW MANY OF EACH YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE Materials: 1. Rucksack/Large Pack 2 large rucksacks 5 large backpacks 2. Barrel 1 barrel 3. Two tents 2 tents 4. Air mattress 6 air mattresses 5. Lighters 6. Wat

amoeba - Simulating an amoeba and its prey with soft-bodies

Simulating an amoeba and its prey with soft-bodies

docpad-plugin-alias - Configurable hard or soft links for Docpad documents.

Configurable hard or soft links for Docpad documents.


Babel puts a soft cushion between a web application and the many cool new technologies developed for node.js such as CoffeeScript, SASS, and Jade. With Babel, you will be able to seamlessly load from many different types of files into clean, simple, and standardized data structures without having to worry about the many APIs involved.

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